New Things to Keep Your Eyeballs Enterainted While You Sit at Your Desk and Pretend to Work.

Both of my sisters started blogs.

Crazy shit, right?

Shut up. Yes it is crazy.

You would think it was crazy if you actually knew them.

Check out their blogs during down time in between my posts. Which basically means ANY time because I hardly ever post these days.

Unnamed sister A (Bigger Than Average Mom) is writing about trying to lose weight and UTIs at Ramblings of a Bigger Than Average Mom. Apparently, talking about TMI runs in the family. Who knew.

And unnamed sister B (the NumberWhisperer) is writing about random family stories and work stuff at Original Thoughts of an Unoriginal Thinker. She has three young sons and I'm pretty sure she hates life sometimes (ironically, those two things aren't even related).

When comparing all of our blogs, mine probably fits right in between their two. Which, coincidentally, is pretty much how we are in real life, too.

Make sure to check those mofos out.



(Picture courtesy of my new favorite site, codyketchum.tumblr.com)

I just get a little excited, okay.


The Onion said...

I haven't been paying much attention to the blogs I follow, and this was an excellent start with the Christmas photo...lol.


Coyote Rose said...

That image will be in my head all day. It's fricken hilarious. I suppose I should start Christmas shopping now.

Also if my sisters start blogs I will have a heart attack.

Erin said...

I would be shocked as hell if my sister started a blog. Also: I didn't realize you were an aunt to so many! Lastly: You said the C word. You are on probation.

Lorraine said...

I'd freak if my sisters started blogging. FUH-REAK.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Aw honey, you just go and get as excited as you damn well please! Just post the photos of you in the santa suit and antlers. :)

Also, I'm going to go check out your sisters and measure the crazy in comparison to you, myself.

Simone Says... said...

look at what an inspiration you are!

Deborah said...

A trifecta of creative thinking! I will check them out for sure.

the Tsaritsa said...

I fell asleep last night thinking about UTIs, particularly the kind that work their way into your kidneys. Guess I'll be checking out your sister's blog :)

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