It's a Nice Day for a... White Wedding.

Two weekends ago, Boyfriend and I headed up the coast to San Luis Obispo for Katie, my old college roommate's wedding.

The beautiful bride making her entrance. She was escorted by her cousin.

Her super cute dress was from a vintage store in Hollywood.

The ceremony was very short, but very sweet. Katie's dad was the officiant. He told sentimental stories about what it means to be a husband/ wife and he told funny stories about when Katie and Adam first started dating. Right around the time when my eyes started to well up, they both slipped their rings on, said "I Do!" and it was over. Which I was thankful for because I didn't want my makeup turning into a Marilyn Manson mask.

Hors d'ouevres. They had my favorite cocktail hour snacks- cheese, fruit, pita, and hummus.

The wedding was held at Tiber Canyon Ranch- a beautiful woodsy venue where they make blown glass and olive oil. During cocktail hour, they also had cubed bread and several varieties of flavored olive oil for dipping.

With roomies, Courtney and Liana. "Durrrrrrrr."

"Just one more picture!"


Roommate reunion!! It's just like I'm in college again!! ...Except with less highlights and more muffintop. (L-R: TILTE, Katie, Liana, Courtney)

Gah- I love these photos! Boyfriend is so handsome.

The couple decided to go with a cupcake display instead of a traditional wedding cake. There was no "cutting of the cake". Instead guests were welcomed to pick the cupcakes of their choice any time after dinner was served.

A chandelier hanging over the cupcakes.

The barn where the ranch owners live. The inside is where the buffet was set up. The outside is where the dancing took place.

My plate. Bread w/ butter, seafood paella, green salad, tabbouleh salad, and grilled veggies. Did I mention it was a buffet...? Mm-hmmm.

The happy couple during their toast. The groom's sister told a funny story about when she used to work as Katie's supervisor. She always knew Katie would make the perfect partner for her brother and she kept bugging him to give her a call.

The first dance as Mr. and Mrs. White.

A handsome onlooker.

Cool lighting.

Eating a cupcake the "right way" according to Chelle.

And lastly, our drive back home.

Everything about this wedding was beautiful- from the location, to the food, to the couple. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. White- hope you're enjoying your honeymoon!
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Top Picks for Ice Cream

Just a quick one today-

Make sure to stop by Sprocket Ink today and check out my post! -Especially if you like ice cream desserts!! And who doesn't?? Answer: No one.


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Sausage Pasta.

Do you want a filling and fucking delicious meal tonight that's super easy to make? Do you want there to be enough leftovers to cure your hangover status tomorrow morning?


-Egg noodles
-Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage
-Bell Pepper
-FRESHLY GRATED Parmesan cheese (Don't even THINK about using that dusty canned shit)
-Salt/ pepper to taste

Slice bell peppers into thin strips.

Saute sausages until cooked. Add bell peppers to the pan at the end.

(Um. These aren't done yet.)

Boil noodles according to package.

When noodles are done, throw in some butter so that ish doesn't stick together. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add sausage and bell pepper to pasta. Top with a SHITLOAD of Parmesan. Eat the shit out of it.


*Unless you're a vegetarian.

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Welcome to Jungle. AKA My Kitchen.

Since everyone* has been begging to see what's in my kitchen, I finally decided to cave to the masses and share my dietary secrets.

Behold... The stuff we eat.

This is my fridge on any given day. As you can see, we like cocktails and yogurt products. You can't see it, but I actually do have a couple of vegetables in the bins. Broccoli and a bell pepper, to be exact. I'll admit this pic kinda does look sad, but I seriously just went to the grocery store this morning. It must be because I'm such a light eater.

All the important condiments. Like butter. And whipped cream.

This is where I keep my more treasured items, like Uncrustables, fish sticks and vodka.

The pantry. Notable ingredients include pasta, Rice-a-Roni, and yellow Crystal Light. Hey, it's good to have on hand. You never know when a colonoscopy might sneak up on you.

And the piece du resistance, the place where all the magic happens- The Snack Cupboard. This is a favorite stop mainly due to the Sour Cream and Onion Pringles (MY FAVORITE- Are you listening Pringles company???), Handi-Snacks, and Pistachios.

What's in your kitchen?? Post and let's link up!

*no one
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K.I.T. Stay Cool!

Today is a SUPERPOST day because I have posts up at three sites. That's right. I said three.

Basically, I'm counting my own blog as one of those sites. So what.

Honor-of-all-honors, I'm being featured at Meeting Boy's site. Some of you may remember the bathroom etiquette I posted a while back. Whether you do or you don't, stop by Meeting Boy's page. And you might as well give it a "Like" while you're there.

And last but not least, check out today's post at Sprocket Ink where I give you some creative ideas on how to stay cool. And who doesn't want to be cool, amirite?

STAY COOL! (<- click there.)

And because this is such a momentous occasion, Kitty Royalty has come for a visit.

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Shit I Hate: House Hunters Edition.

Do you watch House Hunters or Property Virgins or My First Home or any of those other addicting HGTV shows?

I do.

And even though there is GUARANTEED to be at least one person per episode who makes my blood boil like molten hot lava, I STILL watch it. Like a moth to a flame.

The following is a list of stupid shit I hear people say alllllll the time that really makes me want to roll around on the floor like I'm on fire.

"The pricepoint we're looking at is $XXX,XXX." - Why OH WHY can't they just say "PRICE"?? Why is it now "pricepoint"whenever you're talking about how much money you're willing to spend on a house? DUMB. Just say price.

"I just love the open floor concept." - This is suuuuuch a trendy thing to say. We get it, you want one big house with no walls. So does every other moron out there.

"Hm... I was really hoping for granite counter tops/ stainless steel appliances...." You-Can-Install-That-Shit-Laterrrrrrr. Dummy.

(Said by woman/ girlfriend/ female companion in reference to the walk-in closet) "Well, there's enough room for MYYYY stuff." Ladies- making jokes about hogging all the closet space wasn't funny the first 85 times I heard it, and it's still not funny when you say it.

(Said by shopper who currently lives a tiny-ass studio apartment, OR better yet, his/ her parent's home) "Ugh. This bedroom/ extra room/ workout room/ office is WAY to small." Bitch, please. You're coming from a 10x10 ft room and you're complaining that this 1500 sq ft house is too small??? Just stop already.

"I need a house with a MAN CAVE." Always said by some yolked-out, no-neck-having, Geico caveman lookalike.

"I need a house with a MEDIA CENTER ROOM." Usually said by Man Cave dude, but can pretty much apply to any male. Also, this is another one of those trendy things to have right now. When I was growing up, we didn't have "Media Center Rooms" with theater seating and stupid reels of film affixed to the walls. We had a "Den" that had a couch, a beanbag, a 20in TV, and the walls were covered with embarrassing school photos. Media Center Rooms are for pansies.

"Ohhhh, little Bella/ Ashton/ Fido will absolutely LOVE this house!" Your dog and your embryo don't care what the house looks like. They probably won't even notice they moved. Quit acting like your kids/ pets are super geniuses, it makes you look dumb.

"I don't know. The wall color (chandelier/ curtains/ drawer knobs) are ugly." If these people can't even figure out how to visit the local Home Depot, how the hell are they supposed to be trusted with a giant piece of property??

You know what else I hate? That all the carpenters have this stupid hairstyle.

They look filthy and greasy. GET A HAIR CUT.

And lastly, I love it when a house hunter is offering way below their max and they have the nerve to quibble over a negligible amount like $1-5k. When you've already found the house of your dreeeeeams and you're already ready to put down a whopping $400k on it, what does another $1-5k matter. Answer: IT DOESN'T.

Alright. That's the end of my rant.

Anyone else bothered by stupid shit they see on house hunting shows??
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Las Vegas.

Boyfriend and I went to Vegas last week for a MUCH needed vacation. It was seriously the best Vegas vacation I've ever had and I'll tell you why: No gambling, no partying. Don't get me wrong, I can do both of those and enjoy myself, but the point of this trip was to enjoy the amenities and come back home rested and relaxed. And that's just what we did.

Since I have a shit ton of photos to share, I'm just going to lay out here like this: Start to finish, what you would have experienced on a Vegas vacay with TILTE.

The drive from my house to Las Vegas is about 5 hours. Most of it is through the desert and this is pretty much all you see once you get through greater LA.

First stop- lunch on the go from Tommy's.

The hotel where we stayed.

Just kidding. This is an abandoned motel in the middle of nowhere. AKA Baker, CA.

The World's Largest Thermometer (I cannot verify the validity of this statement).



First thing we did was head straight down to the pool. If you've stayed at The Mandalay Hotel before, you know HOW FUCKING AWWWWESOME AND INCREDIBLE AND FUN AND RAD this pool is. If you haven't, it's kind of like a giant, deep rectangle and at the far end is a machine that makes a wave every couple of minutes. Not only is this pool sweet relief for burning hot third-degree-from-the-sun burns, it's also fun because you get swept away just like you're drowning in the real life ocean.

Boyfriend. (LOVE this shot.)

$8 beer. And it's not even the good kind. That's how Vegas rolls.

My audition reel for Dexter.

After scorching it up in the desert sun, we headed in for a nap. The nap ended up turning into a half-sleep and we woke up just after 9pm. Oh well, we're in Vegas. It's the city that never sleeps and we can still go anywhere for dinner! WRONG. Apparently the city DOES sleep and bedtime is 10pm. It's nearly impossible to find a restaurant with a full menu open late at night. STUPID. We lucked out and found an Irish Pub called Rí Rá in the walkway between Mandalay and Luxor.

My Stella Artois.

Boyfriend's Guinness. (Fun fact: This was the first time I've ever tried Guinness. Meh... I'm not a huge fan.)

My corned beef and cabbage. I love me some corned beef and cabbage... but this place was actually a letdown. The mashed potato and cabbage was good, but the corned beef was too dry. Take note, Ri Ra.

The chandeliers inside Ri Ra. (I wish I could take the credit for thinking up the brilliant idea of snapping chandeliers, but I got it from drollgirl. Genius.)

The next morning was breakfast-buffet-till-you-bust at our hotel.

Serving #1- The Greasies.

Serving #2: The Healthies.

Serving #3: The Cream of Wheat with butter and granola.

Yep. Three servings. (I actually took a photo of my hot bod when I was laying out at the pool, but I won't be posting that little gem because I look like pregnant-bloated-corpse-belly. Which is unfortunate because I am neither pregnant, nor am I a corpse.)

After breakfast we headed back down to the pool. After we clowned around in the hallway, that is.

Heads up- the drinks at the Mandalay pool bar are strong. I blame my intoxication on the bartender. That, and the roasting hot sun burning the sense out of me.

Poolside weinies.

After we'd made a hundred rounds in both the wave pool AND the lazy river, we headed to the room for a nap. (I'm a napper, okay.) That night, we took a stroll over to The MGM hotel and had dinner at a great Italian restaurant called Fiamma.

Chandelier inside Mandalay.

Chandelier inside Fiamma.

Boyfriend ordered the Gnocchi (potato dumplings) with lobster, mushroom, and truffles. I wasn't a huge fan of the gnocchi, which is surprising because I love both potato and pasta. -But the mushrooms, lobster, and sauce were FUCKING DELICIOUS.

I went safe with the meat lasagna.

Some shots on the walkways between MGM, Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay.

"Ugh, I'm done taking pictures."

"JUST KIDDING! Take some more!!!!"

On our last morning in Vegas, we had breakfast at Hash House A Go-Go in the Imperial Palace. Two of boyfriend's coworkers recommended this place based on the Chicken and Waffles plate.

Chandelier inside Imperial Palace.

Boyfriend started out his meal with a Tallboy-in-a-Bag.

He went with the recommended Chicken and Waffles specialty.

I ordered the avocado/ onion/ bacon/ cheddar scramble with a side of potatoes, fruit, and biscuit. Everything was really good and VERY filling.

While we were in Vegas, my friend Vanessa tweeted that we should go to Freed's Bakery because it's only THEEE most well-known bakery in Vegas AND does the most wedding cakes in all the land. Well, that little "stop on our way out" turned into a 30 minute detour that took us all around greater Las Vegas because Freed's stupid website listed their OLD address. We ended up finding the place and I was super excited to order some cakes TO-GO since we'd just filled up on breakfast. Unfortunately, the woman behind the counter said their cakes wouldn't last a drive to LA unless they were in a cooler. Well, we had no cooler. And I was not about to let this bakery beat me. So we ordered a couple of non-perishable sweets and ONE cupcake that Boyfriend and I planned to split sometime during the drive home.

"Fuck you, cupcake."

As soon as we got back in the car, it started to rain. But desert rain isn't normal rain because it can go from 100 degrees and sunny to torrential downpour in a matter of seconds. I said a Hail Mary because I was sure we were going to get flooded away. We didn't.

Although the vacation was soooo nice, it was comforting to be back home. At least for a short time anyway. I'll be probably be dying for another vacation by the end of the month.

Hope you got to live vicariously through me on this wonderful trip to sin city!

Oh yeah- and after all that searching for Freed's Bakery, the cupcake lasted the drive home. Only I have no idea what it tastes like because I let my mom have it. Oh well. But I CAN say that the Cinnamon Crispy was mouth-watering, very inexpensive, and left me wanting more. Next time, Freed's.
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