Lots of Things That Have Nothing to Do With Each Other.

Once again, I've fallen behind on my blogging and now my head is full of mental sticky notes of things I wanted to blog about.

Welcome to all the Weedies visiting from Joshweed.com. If you've never been to his page, Josh's latest entry is about his recent run-in with a colonoscopy, which was not too dissimilar to my own experience. Josh was kind enough to send you new visitors to my page so we could all become acquainted with each other in a totally-acceptable-on-the-internet way, by talking about our buttholes. Nice to meet you. (BTW Josh, I'm glad your results came back negative. It would have been a real bummer if you'd discovered you have endometriosis too.)


Things that bother me: Loud ass music blaring from cars. It doesn't matter whether it's rap, country, metal mania, or big-top-circus-style tejano. I don't want to hear your shitty music. I want to hear MY shitty music.


Boyfriend, Pearl and I recently stayed with Boyfriend's sister for the weekend. She and her husband threw together this hearty and delicious breakfast that I'm pretty sure I had thirds and fourths of. If you're anything like me (lucky you), you like to strap on the old feedbag the morning after you've been out on a bender. And if so, this is just the meal to do it with.

Vicki's Hangover Scramble (I took the liberty of naming it myself.)

-Frozen hash browns potatoes
-Bell Peppers

Cut bacon into bite sized pieces and cook. In a separate skillet, brown potatoes. Add julienne peppers and dice onions. If you want to save yourself some time, just use the Ore-Ida hash browns that come with potatoes and onion already mixed in. So basically, this is where things get dicey. I'm not sure if Vicki scrambled her eggs in a third skillet or just mixed them straight into the potatoes. I'm going to say just add them to the potatoes. And throw the bacon on top. And also, feel free to add any leftover meat from dinner the night before (she added kielbasa). Heat until cooked. Then eat the shit out of it.



Remember my last entry- the one on the royal wedding? Well, it looks like I did such a fab job on my wedding fashion recap that people from all over the world started visiting my page. That's right, I'm big time now. I got a whopping 316 pageviews for that one entry (of which I'm still getting as we speak), 193 of those being unique views. And as if that weren't enough, the average time spent on that post was 2:14. That means people were actually REEEEADING and looking at shit on my page. I know to most of you all that shit above makes no sense. But to a techie blognerd like me, it means a lot. Ahhh, I'm so proud of myself. Nevermind that I didn't get any new followers or even one comment from a new visitor. I'll save that rant for another day.


I posted this morning at Sprocket Ink. You can check it out HEEERE. Usually my Sprocket Ink posts are more about current events and less about my life and shit. However, today's post DOES have something to do with food... Two birds, one stone.


Also, if you haven't joined my Facebook group yet, what are you waiting for?? I'll even make it easy for you- JUST.CLICK.HERE. Thanks! Seriously.


Nikosmommy said...

I hear this! I too have days with huge numbers of readers, lots of unique views and yet very few comments and no new subs. What's the deal people?!?!

Guess I gotta write about celebs and trying to lose my fat ass to get any good comments!

suki said...

Ok, *liked* the Facebook page with my page! :P

Alicia xoxxo said...

You seriously crack me up! And that is no easy task these days since I am almost 8 mos preggos and my raging hormones have me constantly annoyed! But you always put a smile on my cranky face!! I HATE hearing other peoples music blaring from their cars.
AND I do not understand either when my blog gets ton of page views, not comments, etc...WTH?
Anyway, that hangover scramble looks delish! Thanks for the tease!:)

jessicabold said...

New readers are afraid to comment. I really have no idea why.

It's just a blog. We're just people, mostly.

I mean...judge me...for leaving a comment?!


PS: I did come over here from Joshweed. So, thank him. :)

www.booshy.com <--- that's me!

Simone Says... said...

that scramble makes me wanna take a nap with the tv on in the background...

Sara Louise said...

That's the type of thing I like for breakfast, not like this French continental piece of fruit and yogurt I get here. Bring on the bacon!

Lynne said...

That hangover scramble looks amazing!!!!!

MRanthrope said...

I'm eating scrambled eggs as I type...just not hungover.

Jen said...

Hangover scramble? Yeah, I'm going to need that recipe!!! ;-)

Happy Wednesday Dear! xo

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

NIKO - yeah, i guess i'll stick to trying out recipes.

SUKI - thanks! i didn't see any new "likes" though... I wonder if my group page is being loco.

ALICIA - glad i could put a smile on your face. now the pressure is on for me to keep up my hilarious antics. you know what that means, right? i'm totally not going to be able to be funny anymore.

JESSICA - a new visitor who commented!!! thanks, you made my day. :)

SIMONE - lol. i think everything i make has that same effect on me.

SARA - OMGGGG, when i was backpacking in europe i got some of the BEST food while in Paris. namely the croissants. just thinking about those croissants avec butter and jam is making my mouth water and that is NO exagerration. i would fucking KILLLL for one of those badboys rawt now.

LYNNE - yeah, and it seemed really easy too! it looked like one of those things that you can kind of mix up with whatever leftovers you have sitting around (ie., the potatoes, meat and veg). you should try it!

MRANTHROPE - well, that's a close second place. btw- there's always room for scrambled eggs, if you ask me.

JEN - it's the perfect combination to soak up last night's booze. and if you're feeling particularly ravenous, add some toast with jelly too. :)

aki! said...

Whoa. How can you tell all those stats from blog views? That's so cool.


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

AKI! - thanks for stopping by and commenting! you have to use some kind of analytics on your blog page. i have google analytics- it breaks down info so i can see where i'm getting the most traffic, how long they visit, where they came from, etc. :)

drollgirl said...

um, that hangover scramble sounds so rad!! nom nom! hangover or not!

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

I know exactly what you mean. My traffic has been like whoa lately, but I get NO COMMENTS. Also, I get comments on facebook, which is lovely and all, but I want to tell them, NO! Do it in bloggyland, but I don't think you can tell people things like that. Hey! That nice thing you did? Do it a different way!! I wish I knew the secret. Sigh. One day when we're famous, we'll look back on this and laugh ...

Erin said...

Regarding your royal wedding visitors -- I once wrote a post about a cat show I visited and then one of the cat show people found the post and linked to it on some crazy cat show people forum and for one sweet week I got a shit-ton of visits from crazy cat people. *sigh* It was a nice moment.

jules said...

I almost wish I was hungover just to try that recipe! ..Almost. Sounds fantastic in all seriousness though!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

DROLL - it was rad! make it this weekend. hangover not required!

VERONICA - really? i get more comments on my blog than i do on fb. when i post on fb, i feel like saying "hello? is this thing on??" but since beggers can't be choosers, i'll take any comments, anywhere.

ERIN - i am SO jealous that you were on a cat show forum. note to self: set reminder for both Westminster AND Eukanuba Dog Shows.

JULES - thanks for visiting and commenting! i just stopped by your page and it looks like you and your friends know how to party. you should definitely keep this recipe in mind for your next pig-out-morning-after-drinking. :)

chrischaos said...

its deff been going crazy lately
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