College Roommate Reunion II.

My old college roommates and I had our second annual reunion.

Waiters take the worst pictures.

As you can see, we're not really good at meeting up every year.

Have I ever told you about their first impression of me?

Probably, but I'll tell you again anyway.

On the day we moved into our college apartment, each of the other three girls brought their parents with them for the big move. Actually, I think all three of the girls had both parents there that day. Everyone was so all-american, white-bread, wholesome-looking. The girls had suntans and lugged in matching suitcase after matching suitcase, filled with themed decor for their bedrooms.

Then there was me.

Since I had grown up in the area, I didn't have my parents sending me off with a tearful farewell. I had already moved around on my own a few times and this particular move wasn't anything that warranted bringing my parents. My outfit included an "EVERYONE LOVES A JEWISH GIRL" t-shirt, a military cap, and nose-ring. I had zero tan from working all summer. And I immediately hung up my giant union jack flag across one of my bedroom walls.

Like this. But more Myspacey.

Years later I found out that they actually thought I was a militant, art-nazi, lesbian.

That still makes me smile.

Anyway. The four of us got together recently and it was just like old times. Except someone new was brought into the fold.

Katie had a baby!

The newest roomie: Lark!

Highlights from the day included:

-While Courtney and I were last-minute-primping in the car before meeting up with the rest of the group, another car pulled into the spot next to us. The driver of said car didn't do a great parking job and Courtney was unable to open her door. Instead of making a big deal, I just backed my car up and adjusted into the space. When I got out, I realized the person Courtney was throwing death stares at was none other than Kathy Ireland. As in, the supermodel.

-Sleepy time for Lark, which meant drinky time for us!

And when we all got carded (Yessssss.), I managed to snap this:

Lol. They're going to be pissed when they see this.

-Lark breaking down some emotional walls when she smelled my sangria breath and letting me hold her for more than two seconds. It was a special moment.

It was a great reunion.


Adam said...

its' funny how some babies are very selective about how holds them. My youngest nephew would rarely let anyone outside his parents and his maternal grandparents hold him.

PDXFoodie said...

Love this! Oh Sasha, our half Jewish half Asian roomie. :) Oh, and my parent's weren't there on move in day. I felt like I was the only one without my family.. until I found you. Destiny!

mina2 said...

Your skin looks as young as baby Lark in that Jem t-shirt. And all of you are still young stuff. Lark is so sweet and happy.

tara said...

Awww fun!! That is so cool you guys all got together!

And hilarious they thought you were an art nazi lesbian! Hahahhaha!

Wombat Central said...

Ha--first impressions are fun to share years later! Looks like big fun. Meetin' mah college girlz this weekend!

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