Random St. Patrick's Day Thoughts.

-St. Patrick's Day is two days away and I've got nothing planned. I don't even think I own any green apparel. I HATE MYSELF!!!

-Maybe I can swing making Enchiladas Suizas and that will be my green contribution! No, we just had those this week. Also, that's totally not close to being Irish.

-Maybe I'll make a Limeade Pie...? No. I probably won't. That's a cold dessert and the weather is already cold as shit right now.

-Maybe Cottage Pie...? Ugh. It's too early to be thinking about food. Unless it's donuts.

-Maybe I'll juts eat donuts for St. Patrick's Day.

-Pearl and I are going to be in a parade this weekend. I don't know how I feel about it yet. Actually, yes, I do know how I feel about it and it's kind of like "Ughghghhhghhhghghgh." But I think it will be exciting for Pearl. And that's good enough for me.

-I haven't eaten corned beef and cabbage in over a year. Such a crime. Eric and I were at The Farmers Market at The Grove the other day and I saw corned beef and cabbage there. I was all over it until I realized a plate cost $15. Ain't nobody got time for that.

-My birthday is in 17 days.

-Vons has three bunches of daffodils for $5.00 right now. It's a great deal.


Erin said...

My one green shirt is like four million years old and probably has holes in it. This describes most of my clothes, actually. This year we're going to a St. Patty's festival and eating corned beef and potatoes. Yum.

Adam said...

I forgot to wear green last year

Bigger than Average Mom said...

We're going the Mexican Irish route over here by having corned beef hash tacos. top-o-the-day-chica.

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