Gangnam Style Parody Censored: WTF?

Thanks to STFU Parents for sharing this video on Facebook today. It's a gangnam-style parody video made by the obstetrics/ gynecology department at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Apparently, the hospital pulled the video because some yahoo at the organization Humanize Birth criticized the hospital, stating she took offense to it. Because apparently, BIRTH IS NO LAUGHING MATTER.

I really wish the hospital would have stuck to its guns: The staff was merely blowing off steam, making a funny video. There were no racist/ sexist/ detrimental remarks. So what if someone doesn't like it? The internet is filled with things we may or may not like, and as reasonable, sane adults we are fully capable of exiting a window and looking elsewhere. And considering how anti-hospital moms criticize the cold, "businesslike" demeanor of hospital staff, you'd think something like this would be a breath of fresh air. Maybe I'm just completely out of touch with reality? Maybe moms lose their sense of humor? The world will never know.

I'm not bashing the organization and its grass-roots followers. I'm all for women who want to deliver their babies in whatever environment works for them. You want to have a kid in a tree? Go for it. But don't get all huffy over a parody video. There are lots of people who would love to see their doctors dancing around the hallways, acting like a South Korean pop star. I had a team of doctors this past summer whom I'd LOVE to see do something like this. Medical staff are REAL people with personalities and interests and I think it's great that we get to see them.

(The video may redirect to YouTube. I was getting a notice about copyright something-or-other.)

My favorite part of the video: ENDO GOT A SHOUT-OUT!

What do you think about this censorship business? Do you think it's ruining all the fun, like I do?


Danielle said...

I wish they would have made a shout out to vulvodynia. ::sigh::

Kara said...

Ha! I think it's funny. I generally dislike sticks-in-the-mud who can't find humor in things. Seems RIDICULOUS to get your panties in a twist about a parody video when other seriously horrible shit is happening in the world.

G. B. Miller said...

The joys of political correctness is that people do indeed get their panties in a bunch over the most miniscule of things.

drollgirl said...

well it made me laugh!

some people need to lighten up or just move on. there are a million more things to be upset about in life besides THIS! yeesh!

happy holidays and happy new year to you! :)

TILTE said...

DANIELLE - We should just make our own Gangnam video. We'll be celebrities in the world of reproductive issues.

KARA - That's exactly how I feel. There are so many bigger issues, why the hell waste people's time and energy on something as harmless as this?

G.B. MILLER - Political correctness and the fact that everyone needs to have a "platform" is what's ruining all the fun these days.

DROLLGIRL - Thank you!! Hope you had a great New Year too!

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