Christmas Card 2012.

This year, I wanted our Christmas cards to have a vintage, "yesteryear" kind of feel to them.

...With just a touch of "creepy."

To get this look, Eric and I created a studio setting in front of the living room drapes. A lamp, minus the lampshade, was placed directly behind us to give backlighting. We also used a spotlight, borrowed from Eric's friend Kevin, to make sure we had enough lighting on our scary beautiful festive visages. My mom came over and helped out behind the camera.

Once we had selected the optimal photo, Eric ran some coloring effects. This gave it the worn, aged look. (The photo, not my face. That's worn and aged for other reasons.)

I found the card template online by doing a search for vintage holiday cards.

While Eric and I look completely smashing, the real star of the show is Pearl's front tooth. Or lack of, I should say. She lost it RIGHT BEFORE we started taking our photos.

Feast your eyes...


vintage Christmas card with family photo


tara said...

Hahah oh my god that is awesome! Also, you and Eric do have kind of a Stepford Wife/let's eat our guests for dinner kind of look. I love it!

But the vintage look really is cool

Sara said...

Hahaha! Poor Biscuit (not shown). Too funny!

Adam said...

funny card

Kara said...

HA! Fantastic.

Simone DeBlasio said...


Deidre said...

Oh goodness I love it so much! What a fun Christmas card! What I like most about it is that it shows your real personalities (silly!) :)

TILTE said...

TARA - Yes! That was exactly the look I was going for!! I'm glad it worked out. :)

SARAH - "Poor Biscuit" is right. She's not shown because we ate her. (Just kidding. We're totally not on bath salts or anything.)

ADAM - Thanks!

KARA - Thank you!

SIMONE - Thanks!

DEIDRE - Thank you! I definitely wanted something that showed our personalities, instead of the boring old "here we are, in a photo studio at Christmas."

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