Girl Scout Cookies: The Big Debate

Yesterday morning on my way into work, I was listening to Kevin and Bean on KROQ. The topic of debate was Girl Scouts. More importantly, how Girl Scouts just aren't doing their job these days.

One of the hosts (Kevin or Bean, I'm not sure which is which), was going off about how kids these days don't even participate in their own selling events. Instead, it's the parents who go into the workplace and hit everyone up Soprano's-style to buy a paycheck's worth of Samosas and Thin Mints.

Isn't the point of selling goods for your group/ club (other than to rake in the scrilla) to teach children some valuable life tools? Like getting the courage to nervously mumble your well-rehearsed speech about being in troop #blah-blah-blah and explaining that the money will help buy more activity books and field trips? Or the responsibility of keeping track of all that filthy rich money in a tattered manila envelope without blowing it on Blow Pops and Big Sticks when the ice cream man comes around? Or the feeling of pure high-fiving accomplishment when they finally make a sale after practically begging people for 4 hours straight?

When I was in elementary school, I was a Brownie. In junior high, I played volleyball. In high school, I was in French Club. All of these groups required its members to sell cookies/ candy/ random shit to raise money. I don't really remember how things worked when I was a Brownie because that was a long-ass time ago, but I DO remember going door-to-door in junior high and high school, trying my hand at fund-raising.

I know some parents are all up in arms because they can't bear to let their kids out of their site for two seconds. I'm not saying these little tykes need to brave the mean streets of suburbia on their own.

But I don't see any harm in dressing them up in their club uniforms and sending them up to your neighbor's door to make the sale, while the parents stand back on the sidewalk.

If these kids showed up at my door, I'd buy the shit out of some Peanut Butter Savannas. (I'd probably also ask where I can get one of those cute little berets.)

What do you think? Is there anything wrong with these parents who take over for their kids when it comes to fund-raising? Is the importance in the lesson or the money? Am I being too old fashioned*?

*I'm not


Bigger than Average Mom said...

Well knowing that we lived in the hood, going door to door wasn't an option. BUT... We'd always go to grandmas neighbors and and any family member we thought could handle the $4/box. As for me selling at work, I actually had a cult following and had people asking me through out the year (and yes my daughter ALWAYS sold the most in her troop. It helps to work in a location with loads of hungry engineers). Once the cookies came in, I'd then make said daughter dress in her unifo to personally hand out the cookies to my co-workers.

The Tsaritsa a.k.a. Alexandra Naughton said...

I was a Girl Scout for years and loved it, especially when Cookie Time came around. All the girls in my troop would get really competitive. My dad would take me around the neighborhood door-to-door to sell, and we also sold at a table in front of Super Fresh. My friends' parents took the order forms into their offices, which I always thought was cheating.

The Scouts themselves should be there for the sale, I say!

jewels80 said...

We always had to go door-to-door selling stuff. I have fond memories of trying to get jog-a-thon donations.At my daughters school they actually tell the kids NOT to go knocking on doors and to only sell to family and friends. That makes me mad. They should just flat out ask me for a donation, instead of making me buy and overpriced item.

Erin said...

Since it's cookies we're talking about, I have absolutely no issue being approached by little Johnny's mommy about these. Now, if that bitch wants me to buy gift wrap or a magazine, she can go suck eggs.

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian said...

It is always ok for Girl Scouts to peddle cookies anywhere and everywhere. At the mall, in front of my grocery store, at my house, at my work. How else am I going to buy hundreds of dollars of those beauties to put in my pie hole?

ajg-jane said...

Completely ridiculous - Girl Scouts should sell Girl Scout cookies! I had to go door to door when I wore the uniform! However, I do like picking up a few boxes outside the grocery store, but I only give my money to the kid in green.

StephanieC said...

I wouldn't want my kid going door to door, even if I was at the sidewalk. There are too many creeps out there that could cop a feel or say something really nasty.

I've had too many bad personal experiences.

I DREAD the days that fundraising will have to happen. I'd rather just write a single damn cheque to the school and save the hassle.

I hate being hit up by other people, and would hate to make others feel obligated. Hated it as a kid, too.

Deborah said...

It is crazy how this crap works.

I was actually a GS cookie-mom back in the day (hell on earth let me tell you) and it was crazy the competition the moms made it into. Awful.

Frankly, I don't like to see any of our kids pimped out to raise money. Peeps love these cookies, but the GS get very little of the profit. Sad really.

I used to HATE when my kids had to sell crappy wrapping paper and other stuff to raise money for the schools. Again, SAD!

NumberWhisperer said...

I'm with Stephanie C.

And also Erin about the gift wrap and magazines. Well put.

Sara Louise said...

I think it should be up to the kids. They should go door to door but for safety reasons, the parents should drive them of course.

Mandy_Fish said...

I'm with Erin. We're talking about Girl Scout Cookies. I don't mind being approached at work.

Personally, I wouldn't want my kid going door to door. Even if I escorted them. I'd feel more presumptuous bugging my neighbors who I never talk to than my co-workers, who I know well.

Logical Libby said...

I'm willing to help Meg out if she has to sell something. I'm just going to take a cut...

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

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