Every Now and Then I Like to Throw the Vegetarians a Bone.

My friend Melissa is a Vegan. (I'm friends with a real life vegan. I know, I'm just as shocked as you. But she makes up for her lack of meat-eating with sweetness and laughter.)

She designed/created/made a cookbook. And gave me a copy. Because we're friends, you see. And also probably because she's secretly trying to turn me. Into one of "them".

Hello, little bookie.

Lots of helpful cooking information.

Blank pages for kitchen love notes.

Everything your heart desires.

Even though I have yet to attempt one of these recipes, I'm going to fully endorse this cookbook.

Now you may be asking yourself, "TILTE, why the hell are you endorsing this crazy ass non-animal food?"

Well, I actually HAVE tried some of Melissa's food- the Cherry Almond cake, sweet potatoes, and Coconut-Mango Rice, to be exact...

And it's really good! -And I don't just mean for vegans. I mean for reals.

Plus, her homemade leftovers that she brings for lunch always smell super tasty. And not like it's full of vegetable black magic.

So I wanted to let all of you know about her cookbook. Especially those vegetarian type (or just healthy) eaters who get all weirded out by the amount of animal products I consume.

Here's a great cookbook! Learn how how the whole thing came together by visiting Melissa's blog.

Feel like ordering one? Do it HERE!



suki said...

ooh those do sound good. :)

Coyote Rose said...

I love that there's like a whole little section about Tofu.

Simone Says... said...

thanks for sharing. i was vegan for about 5 years and was so skinny and sickly. now i eat eggs and sometimes cheese. i feel better. but i HATE cooking. maybe this cookbook will inspire me to be less lazy.

yes, i don't cook or eat meat, but love your blog because you're so adorable. :)

Kim said...

That cookbook looks awesome! I eat meat, but I have a vegan/jewish/IBS-prone friend who I know would probably love one of these for some holiday coming up. And then I can borrow it...

Logical Libby said...

I need my cheese.

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