Weekend Recap.

I had SUCH a great weekend. Without boring you with the minor details, here are the noteworthy parts.

I was introduced to not one, but TWO weirdo-alternate-universe Twin Peaks-esque restaurants. The first is actually a local bar that I've somehow managed to avoid over the past 31 years. The bartender looked familiar and it turned that we used to run into each other at a local hole-in-the-wall bar like seven years ago. He introduced himself and within 5 minutes I called him the wrong name. Which was pretty fucking embarrassing because hello, HE JUST INTRODUCED HIMSELF.

The second was a totally non-descript restaurant in the middle of a grocery store strip mall in Santa Barbara. It's the kind of place you see and assume it's full of old-ass grannies. The interior decor was like a gaudy, black-and-red feast for the eyeballs.

More to come on this place in the future.

Pearl has her first school dance coming up this Friday. It's called "Boogie Nights" and it's disco-themed. Since I LOVE disco music, I was totally game for finding her the right outfit for this special occasion.

Considering how hard it is to find a "disco" outfit for a 5 year old that isn't all stupid and costumey and highly flammable, I think we did pretty well. I'd also like to clarify that I'm fully aware this outfit is bordering on the 60's and usually I'm a real stickler about that kind of stuff. Whatever. I'm banking on the fact that none of these kids will know the difference.

Boyfriend and I went to an estate sale that just happened to have an old desk, which was exactly what we were looking for. Boyfriend fell in love with it the second we pulled up and we bought it. It was after the fact that we learned the history of the desk. Apparently, this desk used to be the work desk of a military man. It was built in and used in Hawaii during Pearl Harbor. When the man retired, they gave him the desk as his going-away gift.

The cupboard on the left side is designed for a typewriter. But it just happens to be the PERFECT size for our printer. Which means it's tucked away when it's not being used. And when you need it, you just pull the spring-loaded ledge out and the whole thing lifts up to the same height as the desktop.

Lastly, we had a bag of nearly-perfect condition stuffed animals, clothing, and dishes that we didn't need. Instead of holding onto to them until the next garage sale, which will be who-knows-when, and instead of taking them to the thrift store where they will turn into a sale, we took them straight to the local women and children shelter. Hopefully they'll all be put to good use. Especially those stuffed animals. They need some loving kids to drag them around.

What did you do this weekend?

Also- in case you missed my last post (Girl Scouts), I'd still love to know what you think. :)


Rachel C said...

Um... restaurant names, por favor? If you're keeping them secret for a reason, I guess I can respect that.

Glad to hear you guys had a great weekend. This makes my heart happy.

The Tsaritsa a.k.a. Alexandra Naughton said...

Sweet desk, I friggin love estate sales for deals like that.

Um, Boogie Nights? lol, hope they're not watching the movie as a part of the party.

Sounds like you had an eventful weekend. I wish I could have gone to some sweet-ass granny speakeasies, but Ben was back in town and we stayed in. I did get to meet Sinbad at MacWorld, though, so that was pretty neat.

MRanthrope said...

wow, I think I'm in love with that table as well. No joke, I've been seriously hunting for a new desk and that hidden printer pull out just sold me!

Sara Louise said...

I love that the little kids have a "Boogie Nights' themed disco... Roller Girl anyone? :-P

Deborah said...

That desk is so awesome. Love it! I am serious.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

RACHEL - The local one was The Sportsman (Have you ever been there?) and the other is Harry's. Hopefully, one day I'll actually get around to blogging about it.

ALEXANDRA - OMG, I love Sinbad. Lol. I'm not even kidding either.

MRANTHROPE - Just look for old military desks. I have a feeling this was a pretty standard style back in the pre 70's.

SARAH LOUISE - I think I'm probably the only person who hasn't seen the whole Boogie Nights movie. But I do know enough to get all the references in these comments. :)

DEBS - Thanks! Look around on Craigslist or estate sales. I'm sure there are many more like it out there.

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