Easy Pasta.

This recipe started out as a total fluke one night when groceries were slim and Boyfriend and I were being "resourceful". It turned out to be one of my favorite quick meals.


-egg noodles
-red sauce
-bell pepper, diced
-mozzarella cheese
-salami, chopped to bite sized pieces
-truffle oil (optional)

Forgot to include the damn bell pepper.

Cook pasta in salted water according to package. Once cooked, mix with a little butter and truffle oil (this helps it not stick AND the truffle oil adds a nice flavor). Add diced bell peppers, salami, red sauce and mozzarella in any amount that you like. I go easy on the sauce and heavy on everything else. Throw it in the microwave until cheese melts.

I know it looks pretty questionable here, but it's actually really good. And it's really easy to make because, if you're like me, you always have these items on hand.



Simone Says... said...

i've decided that in addition to my alcohol and drug addictions, i'm highly addicted to carbs. they taste so good when they hit your lips. but seriously, the 3-week vegan cleanse started today.

Vinny C said...

You had me at 'easy'.

Well... at 'pasta' too.

Erin said...

I'd definitely eat this.

Nikosmommy said...

sounds totally delish!

MRanthrope said...

sounds easy enough...unless you're me. =/

Lorraine said...

I like it easy and tasty.



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