Very Important Question.

Last night, Boyfriend and I went buck wild on some Popeyes chicken. Which reminded me of a convo I had with some family members about a month ago.

My mom suggested we get Popeyes chicken on our way over to my Grandma's house. Well, you would have thought she'd just committed a mortal sin/ burned the flag/ turned down tickets to The Ellen Show with the way my relatives reacted.

Apparently I was in Kentucky Fried Chicken territory. And the mere mention of Popeyes sent everyone into a shit-talking frenzy.

In my opinion, Popeyes wins. Every time. Hands down.

The chicken is crispier and lighter and not dripping with oil. The biscuits taste like they're coated with butter (flavoring). They serve sweet tea which makes me feel like I'm about to sunbathe.

So, friends. I'm asking you...


Disclaimer: I'm well aware that I'm comparing two basically identical, fast food corporations that offer a shitload of deep-fried calories and instantly clog every artery in your body. And I know many of you are going to shit your pants at the thought of ever putting that kind of (crispy, delicious) poison into the temple that is your body. Blah blah blah. Whatever. I eat shitty food. We've already established that.


Shieldmaiden96 said...

I now live deep in the wilds of Pennsyltucky with no access whatever to Popeye's, but I used to go to one in Delaware. I gotta give the props to them. Not so much because of the chicken, but because of the sides. Red beans and rice? Yes, please. And the biscuits ARE superior. Though I would leave them both behind for Chik-Fil-A if I lived within 150 miles of one.

Erin said...

Know what? I have never been to Popeyes. But I will take fried chicken where I can get it, my friend.

MRanthrope said...

I favor KFC over Popeyes because I'm more familiar with the brand...I guess you could say I've grown up in KFC Territory. My encounters with Popeyes were ok, but yeah a lifetime of programming has left me biased.

Also, sorry about the link! =/
I'm glad I chose the tumblr/gif instead of one of her countless streaming videos though. Those might have broken the Matrix.

Simone Says... said...

neither. they're both horrible companies and mistreat those poor little chickens.

The Random Blogette said...

Popeyes always wins! I used to love KFC back when it was good and there was nothing else to compare it too. Then I discovered Church's Chicken. Now that is some heaven right there but there isn't one close to us. So by default Popeye's wins.

Does anyone remember Sister's Chicken? That shit was the bomb but it disappeared a LONG time ago!

drollgirl said...

sadly i have never had popeyes! and i have heard so many kfc horror stories that i haven't been there in years! but i want to. who doesn't love fried chicken?!

Lorraine said...

Never had popeyes and KFC gets a bad rap where I am so I haven't eaten that in ages. Obviously, I'm depriving myself of delicious poison. Damn.


Megs said...

Arkansas has both. Popeye's wins. Not that I have had either in a while, what with chicken not being a part of a vegetarian diet. But still. Popeyes was always better, for the reasons you mentioned plus better mac and cheese and red beans and rice.

P.J. said...

I have to be honest, they are the same to me. ;)

I don't have a Popeyes too close to me, so when I go there it's a little more of a treat. But in my area is one of the finest BBQ joints out there, so I usually choose that chicken... :)

A 'lil HooHaa

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

It's decided: POPEYES WINS.

Thanks for participating. :)

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