Get Mom to the Greek. OR... Weekend Recap.

You know those awful blog entries that are total cop-outs because they're just a shitload of pictures and nothing of real value? Yeah. This is going to be one of those.


Pile of gyro.

The kids doing arts and crafts.

Me, mom, and sister.

This is my friend, Aris. He has strong teeth.

I had to include this video is of my nephew, Hogan. It was taken there at the Greek festival. It still made me laugh this morning.


We went to see the Tall Ships on Sunday. But these aren't them. These are just regular boats.

Coasty, the talking animated boat.

Apparently, I was the only one making an "Arrggghh!" face. Losers.

The "Surgery". You can tell by the amount of blood on the doctor's apron that he knows what he's doing. Pay no attention to the stash of arms and legs under the table.

Civil War kids playing cards.

Isn't this a great pic??!? It totally goes with my screenname, You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun.


This is a "Ladies" gun. I need it for when I get in a hairy situation. Like when the line at the grocery store is too long and they refuse to call another cashier.

What did you do this weekend? More importantly, were you wishing you had a ladies gun?

In other nonsense, check out my entry at Sprocket Ink if you follow The Next Food Network Star.


Alli said...

Greek festival?!?! I. Am. So. Jealous. Looks way more fun than my lame weekend!

Chrystal said...

There were so many things this past week where a ladies gun would have made me feel better...that should tell you what kind of week I had.

Sara Louise said...

1. Those pirates totally suck.
2. That photo of you should be your profile pic because it's awesome.
3. Have you seen Pineapple Express (I can't imagine you not seeing it)? Because that gun is like Red's gun that he picks up and says, "this used to be my gun when I was a prostitute". So yeah, I guess it is a ladies gun (not that there aren't male prostitutes but you know what I mean)

Deborah said...


You really look like you know how to hold a gun. /not

Who doesn't like posts full of photos? I love posts full of photos!

M. Hicks said...

The best part of that gun is now you get to buy a matching garter belt. Now you have to wear skirts to the grocery store.

Simone Says... said...

i got to see my grandmother celebrate her 90th birthday. put a lot of shit into perspective for me...

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

ALLI - you should have gone! you're in the greater LA area, right? here's a list of greek festivals that you still have a chance to go to!

CHRYSTAL - oh no! was it work related, or "other" related? i hope this week started out better. xo

SARA - i actually HAVEN'T seen pineapple express! i'm not a big "movie" person- is that weird? if i had kept that ladies gun, i would have used your prostitute line.

DEBS - you know what? i wasn't even sure if visitors could touch the guns. when the guy said it was okay, i held it up and pointed it at the camera for my pose. the guy quickly said "FINGER OFFFF THE TRIGGER" which made me nervous bc i was pretty sure it meant those rusty old guns were liable to go off at any minute.

M.HICKS - i didn't actually get to keep that cute little ladies gun. they were on display with a bunch of civil war stuff. i guess it was like "authentic" or something. laaaame.

SIMONE - oh wow! i hope your grandmother is doing well and was able to enjoy her party. and i also hope that "perspective" stuff worked out for the better. :)

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