Fruit Pizza.

The other day, Mouth and Stomach were having a mega craving for Fruit Pizza. If you've ever been to a Pampered Chef party, you probably already know what fruit pizza is. -Or if you like fruit, then you've probably had it too. Or, if you're good at figuring out what words mean, then you've probably solved this riddle as well.

-1 tube pizza crust
-8 oz cream cheese
-1 cup powdered sugar
-1/2 tsp almond extract
-1/4 cup milk
-Fruit of your choice

Roll out pizza dough to desired size, pinching edges to create crust. Use a fork to stab the hell outta the dough.

Bake at 425 for 9 minutes, or however long you feel like.

Chop fruit.

While crust is cooling, combine cream cheese and powdered sugar with electric mixer. In a separate cup, combine almond extract and milk. Add to cream cheese. (Helpful Hint: If you have kids, tell them this is frosting for your giant "Fruit Cookie".)

Spread mixture on crust. Top with beautiful fruit so it looks like a professional chef made it.

Slice yourself 5 pieces then sit down in front of Judge Judy for the next hour.



Kim said...

That looks so good! And so much more fun than being at work right now.

Mmm raspberries...

Biscuit said...

this made me feel weird inside.

i think i might have a crush on you now.


Bonnie said...

Biscuit is going to have to take a backseat to my insane girl crush on someone whom I think is my twin sister.
That was a weird sentence.
Either way, this looks delicious, and I want it now.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Alicia xoxxo said...

Yummm!!!! Don't you know its not nice to tease a pregnant lady!? :) Now I am having a major craving! Looks delish! I will have to try!

3GirlKnight said...

Sounds good. You could also use the pre-made rolled sugar cookie dough for the crust.

Simone Says... said...

looks like a giant fruit tart. and now my mouth is watering...

Mrs. C said...

Any recipe with cream cheese in it, is a good recipe in my book! Loved the last instruction, btw, totally made me laugh!

Frank said...



...I suppose you could add some bacon bits to it.

FabuLeslie said...

Mmmm. I prefer the People's Court, but ok. That looks deeelish. It's beena a long time since I've made one.

Kara said...

Mouthgasm!!!!!!! And all types of other gasms!!

Wombat Central said...

Y to the um. I'mma try that one soon!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

KIM- eating is always better than being at work.

BISCUIT- i know that weird feeling inside. i have it often. it's called hunger.

BONNIE- your new default pic looks like posh spice. in which case, i'm totally cool with being twins.

ALICIA- you HAVE to make it. it's super easy aaaand healthy for baby. ;)

3GIRLNIGHT- i actually did some internet research and put several parts of different recipes together. it looked like a huge majority of the ones i found used the sugar cookie method. i'm not a big fan of premade sugar cookie dough, so i opted for the pizza crust instead.

SIMONE- i'm going to start calling it a tarte des fruits. it's much more impressive than fruit pizza.

MRS. C- the last instruction is the most important.

FRANK- it can always be topped with bacon bits for added protein. i'm all about being healthy here at TILTE.

LESLIE- i forgot to added alternative suggestions. people's court would have been #1 on that list.

KARA- i know. your brain is going to explode when you actually try it.

Deborah said...

That looks seriously delicious!

I used to make it, but the crust was cookie dough. Cuz I'm a FAT ASS! hehehe

Yours is making me droolz a bit.

Megs said...

Damn you, TILTE, and your delicious looking food that goes straight to my ass.

Especially since I just made a peanut butter pie and then ate half of it by myself.

A Vapid Blonde said...

I'm hungry.

Well, where is my piece?

I'm hungry.

Ali B said...

Hey nice tutorial. I have been trying to go through your blog to see if you have any others? I also really like the country counter on the side but I started to feel like a stalker every time the French flag came up!

Bonnie said...

Did you seriously just compare me to Posh Spice?

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

DEBS- as much as i'd like to pretend that pizza crust is less fattening, i'm pretty sure it's neck and neck with cookie dough.

MEGS- i'm going to let you in on a little secret: i eat everything i want and then i just throw up. (just kidding. that would be super wasteful.)

VAPID BLONDE- you waited too long. that shit was gone in 8 minutes flat.

ALI B- thanks for visiting and commenting!! i really don't post enough food related entries here, especially considering the name of my blog. but the recipes i do have are usually tagged under "i made this". :)

BONNIE- i know, it's always flattering being compared to beautiful celebs. i'm always being mistaken for heidi klum.

bekkitae said...

I've never even heard of fruit pizza! I'm intrigued. It looks like a frickin' awesome breakfast.

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