Shit on My Phone.

I got this idea from Debs over at Fashion Plate. She had an entry about photos on her phone. So the other day when I was clearing out some old shit on my phone I came across some goodies (and some not-so-goodies). But whatever, I'm still sharing.

While uploading the photos, I noticed some running themes so I grouped them together by category. However they pretty much all fall under the main category, DOING ANYTHING BESIDES PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD.

Cars That Make Me Stop and Take Pictures Like I'm a Psycho Stalker:

I SWEAR My Car Has the Best Lighting for Self-Portraits (also known as Time for an Intervention):

I Used to be a GD Genius:

Seriously, I used to be able to understand this shit. Today, I can only assume it's hieroglyphics.

Options for Robbing a Bank:

Cool Sky Stuff:

Chats With TILTE:

Click picture to enlarge lols.

And I'm just throwing this one in because I like to brag about my friends in high places.

That's right. Read em and weep.

I know this entry was a creative copout. I'm totally okay with that.


Kim said...

It's cool if I borrow your car for my wedding photos right?? You look awesome and I especially love the one with the heart-shaped glasses.

And now I totally want to do an entry like this from my phone but my phone is circa 1200 B.C. (that's Before Cool) and my pictures actually do look like I might have been creepily hiding in a bush whilst taking them... which I totally wasn't, I swear.

Bonnie said...

Is it weird that I do the EXACT SAME THING while I drive?!?!?! I have this kick-ass picture of a creepy Hello Kitty car. It's totally decked out in Hello Kitty. And the woman was old. Like, really old. It was the best thing ever.
And some of my greatest self-portraits originate in my car. Cars have excellent lighting that make everyone look gorgeous. Even me. Just kidding. I AM gorgeous. I know that.


Deborah said...

Okay . . . I don't even know where to start.

Cesar - you can't tell me you were that close to my boyfriend Cesar?? Wah?? I LOVE that man in an undisciplined way. I've wanted him to assert his calm all over my disobedient arse. Okay, that's creepy, but that's the way I feel.

Is that first truck-looking car a Ford Bronco?? LOVE! And what is that orange car? I want it. I love the color and the crazy shape. Is it a BMW?

And - you should fashion shoot yourself every day. How adorable are all those glasses? And your hair? You are too cute. Are those Karen Walker sunglasses in one shot? Covet!

Final and . . . I'm so flattered you borrowed the idea! I bet I'm not the first, but I'll take the cred here. Smooches!

The End

theTsaritsa said...

Oh man, you met Cesar?? I love him!!! Awesome photos :) I also enjoy taking photos every time I see a hot car.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

KIM- none of those cars are mine, although i'd fucking take any one of them in a heartbeat. -and thanks! the heart shaped glasses are my fav and make me feel cooler* than i really am.

*impossible. i'm already at maximum coolness

BONNIE- sometimes i think we're the same person.

DEBS- YES, i was that close to cesar, isn't that the best thing ever?!!? he was doing a book signing at a small pet store next to my grocery store. i just happened to stop by, saw the line of cuckoos out the door ("cuckoos" being the operative word), drove back home to grab my cesar book, and baked in the sun for two hours while waiting to see him. :::swoon:::

TSARITSA- thanks for following!! btw- cesar is even more babelike in person.

Eric Strunk said...

I like to read the title of this entry as if you were giving someone an order.

also, i want that bronco.

Nikosmommy said...

There is NO better lighting for candid or random self photos then the car!!! Just the right amount of light and darkness.

I think the bunny mask is the perfect bank heist mask. (should you wonder which to buy for your next stick-up/armed robbery.)

Sara Louise said...

Your sunnies are fantabulous.

Anonymous said...

I am SO diggin' your ♥ shaped glasses. Really.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

ERIC- maybe we can hijack that bronco next time i see it. and its place we'll leave a note that reads "shit on my phone, loser."

NIKO- i'm actually surprised/ relieved to see i'm not the only one who goes all senior-portrait-style in the car.

SARA/ HANNAH- thanks! they're all total cheapies too. :)

Anonymous said...

I was all, "Yeah, yeah, interesting, hmmm.." and then BAM. Fucking Cesar.


Did he 'tsch' you?

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