adobe cantina.

Today's blog takes us to Adobe Cantina in Agoura Hills. It's been a while since I last ate there and a nice Tijuana Cesar Salad sounded like a good choice for the day. This vato loco spin on the traditional caesar salad has mexican cotija cheese and charbroiled chicken breast. Char marks = Mexican in any language.

It seemed like the Adobe chef went a little overboard with the dressing, so it was sloppier than the way I usually like it. But tastewise, it was still pretty good AND it came with two pieces of garlic bread. :::cha-ching::: They also gave me a big bag of tortilla chips with a side of salsa, which my coworker pointed was pretty generous since I'd only ordered a salad. Overall, I think my $12 was well spent.

After today's visit, I googled Adobe Cantina to see what other people think of it. I was actually kind of surprised by some of the comments:

"...Margaritas tasted syrupy..." -I've had the margaritas (especially the pomegranate) and I always liked mine.

"...They ONLY have valet..." -Not true. I've been there a handful of times and I've never even seen a valet there. Maybe it depends on the time you go...? My coworkers and I usually go at lunchtime or right after work for a drink and there's never been a problem with parking.

"...But honestly, all I wanted was a mojito and empanadas..." -Well, since neither of these are from Mexico, I'm not surprised they didn't have them. Next time, try a Cuban or Argentinian restaurant.

Here's the truth about Adobe: The waiters are pretty dull- don't expect to be served by the Rockettes. But they do their job and that's all that matters. The parking is great, the food is tasty, and their portions are also on the larger side. Oh yeah, and they have great outdoor seating, including an enclosed patio and tables with umbrellas. This is a great place to grab a drink on a sunny day.


Elizabeth said...

salad looked great. yolanda's has a similar salad and it's pretty tasty as well. my only question/comment is this... if empanadas are NOT mexican, then why would grandma make them for us all the time when i was little??? things that make you go hhhhmmmmmmmm.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

things like that don't make me go hmmmmmmm.

Rob said...

Abobe Cantina is my favorite mexican place on the west side of Agoura... Great atmosphere; even better margaritas.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

rob, how would you know about the margaritas???

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