Some Pre-Halloween Nuggets.

This past weekend was the annual Halloween costume contest. I LOVE Halloween and I always have a special place in my heart for 1. creative costumes and 2. costumes that took some homemade effort. (Speaking of creative and homemade, did you guess what the three of us are going to be? Click here to see the clues.)

Here are some shots of the costumes we saw out on display.


Marty the Zebra, from Madagascar 3

Fionna, from Adventure Time 

The Exorcist, complete with green contact lenses. 

 Dia de los Muertos

Alfalfa, from The Little Rascals 

Abraham Lincoln (Every time I see this picture, I think of THIS.)

Noteworthy conversations from this weekend...

Did I ever tell you that my mom thinks I'm the meanest thing on the planet? Every now and then she likes to remind me about it. While on a phone call with my mom, she said to me: "I'm going to sprinkle you with holy water and then step back to avoid the sizzle." 

While driving home last night, the song Ghostbusters, from Ray Parker Jr. came on. I said to Eric: "They played this song at the costume contest and I got chills. If we lived on another planet where everyone had theme music, I'd want this to be my song. You know, so every time I'd enter a room, this song would play. And I'd make sure to walk in like a Ghostbuster, too."


I entered Biscuit in a local "pet costume" contest on Facebook. I don't know what the prize is, but seeing as how I'm broke, I'll take it, whatever it is. So this is where I get all desperate and beggy. Please go HEEEEEEEEEEEEERE and vote for Biscuit's costume. And make sure to select the VOTE button (not the typical "Like" button). All of the other contestants are wearing actual "dog costumes", while Biscuit's is real people clothing. I found it at a local thrift store for $1.99 and HAD to have it. When I tweeted about it, Wombat Central was like "You should totally put that on Biscuit." And I was like "Ha. That's funny." And then I was like "Fuck. I totally SHOULD put this on Biscuit." (Thanks for the suggest, Wombat.). Anyway, it will take 3 seconds to vote and there's no sign up or anything weird required.

Also, it looks like you can vote every day. So, feel free to vote for Biscuit for the next three days!!!




Sara said...

Biscuit! You are so cute in your baller costume! Love it!

Brutalism said...

Love the creative costumes! Halloween is a great holiday. The Audrey Hepburn is a great one, too.

Kara said...


I love the robot and little Alfalfa! How cute! Can't wait to see photos from your Halloween :)

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