Apparently Fall is the Hottest Season.

I live on the coast. And for those of you who have never lived on the coast of southern California, that means it usually doesn't get very hot. Most days start out with a thick blanket of coastal fog that turns into overcast around 11am and has thinned out to breezy sunshine by 2pm.

Take a drive 30 minutes east and it's a different story. You'll be begging for fro-yo sooner than you can say Sweatin' to the Oldies.

Usually, summer comes and goes and I never make it to the beach because it's way to cold and windy and I don't particularly like being sandblasted in my face with 100 mile/ hr beach glass. Frolic around in that salty, filthy, freezing 187-quintillion gallon swimming pool known as the Pacific Ocean? Forget it. That's the kind of stuff that's better saved for Hollywood movies and middle America tourists.

Where am I going with this?

It's officially Fall. And oddly enough, it's hotter than ever. 


This past weekend, Boyfriend and I decided to venture out to the local water park. It's nothing fancy. More like a public pool and splash area. Neither of us had ever been there, but the weather was hot enough to venture into unknown territory.

As soon as we pulled up, I knew I was going to love it. I could hear the PA system blasting the B-52s. Which was basically my equivalent of shining the Batman light into the nighttime sky.

It was only $5 per person and open for "splash play" between 12pm and 3:30pm.

As we walked out to the recreation area, we noticed all of the loungers were already in use. Thankfully, there were lush grassy areas totally open for the taking. Which is where we set up shop.

Our view

Every few minutes we'd cool off in the pool, surrounded by kids in floaties saying "Dad... Dad... Dad... Dad... Dad... Dad... Dad... Dad... Dad...Dad... Dad" to dads who were clearly pretending to be out of hearing range. As we ate our snacks and pretended to hate the cliche party music (I loved it), the time seemed to fly by. 

Pool necessities

We ended up having a GREAT day out there and drove away hoping it would be hot again next weekend.


When I woke up yesterday morning, the sun was shining and Biscuit was already laying out on the cool spots of the wood floors. I knew it was going to be another beautiful day and decided to take advantage of not only the weather, but also my current unemployment status.

I went to water aerobics.

Long story short: I loved it.

So what if I was the only one in a two-piece swim suit. So what if I was the only one not slathered in thick, white SPF 5,000 sunblock. So what if I was the only one sporting his/her natural hair color (shut up). It was fun, and I got a great workout without having to get all disgusting and sweaty, and nobody was throwing judgy eyes. Despite the music choices being less than stellar (apparently I draw the line at Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire), I was pumping my arms with the best of them.

I think I may have found my calling.


Leslie said...

I live in San Diego. I am so over all this heat! Thanks for stopping my blog. I'm following you back! :)

MRanthrope said...

I guess since it's October the management of my apartment stopped paying the pool cleaner guy to work his magic every week...which means the green slime in the pool has thwarted my plans during this freak October heat wave =/

Also, STP's Core never left my CD slip/travel case. My disc-man, tape deck converter in the trusty 87' Honda Civic played that record to death.

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