Fool Me Once, Shame on Me. Fool Me Twice, Your Name is Probably Rachael Ray.

It's happened again

I fell for another Rachael Ray recipe.

Last weekend I got sucked into an episode of Rachael Ray's Week in a Day. It was "Diner Lovers' Week", so naturally I was like a moth to a flame.

Boyfriend and I decided to go with the Cheeseburger Chili. It was essentially chili cheese fries- what's not to love? And since it looked so good, WE HAD TO MAKE IT THAT NIGHT.

Well, I should have known something was amiss when her chili recipe involved ketchup and mustard. And it wasn't a typo either because I ended up coming across another chili recipe of hers that used the same ingredients. Ketchup and mustard?? That's not my bag, baby.

By this point, we were too far invested and quickly approaching the hunger games. Only these games are set in my kitchen, not the future.

Here's the condensed version of the recipe:

Chili with beans.

Cheese sauce.

Serve over oven fries.

Even though my photo makes it look pretty dreamy, it wasn't that great. I mean, it was edible. But I don't think I'll be making it again. The chili lacked flavor and, at all times, the cheese sauce was on the verge of turning gritty. (Anyone who's made homemade Mac N Cheese knows what I'm talking about.)

Anyway, I like the idea of this recipe. But I think next time I'll stick with my tried and true recipe for chili served over fries and just melt some cheese straight on top.

Have you ever tried Rachael Ray's recipes? Have you had any luck?


Anonymous said...

I've stopped using her recipes completely. I have the same thing happen. I think it looks good, make it and then go, Ehhhhhh. It's never BAD, but it's never so great I want to make it again. Now I stay away. Far, far away.

Coyote Rose said...

Chili recipe with Ketchup and Mustard? That's just weird. Note to self: never try Rachel Ray's recipes.

aki! said...

I've never tried Rachael Ray. And now, I probably never will.

Logical Libby said...

Rachel Ray is like the ACME of cooking. Her recipes seem like they should be good, but they all need a little something.

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