Care Package.

Yes, I'm alive!

I'll be back soon with all of the gory surgical details, my friends. Until then, here's an entry I wrote a few weeks ago.



Today I went to visit my mom because she said she had a surprise for me and if there's one thing my mom knows about me, it's that I love surprises and anything that could be construed as "gift-related".

Like any great mom would do, she put together a care package for my upcoming surgery.

The gifts inside of this care package rivaled Christmas morning. IT WAS GREAT.

My favorite items were:

-A nightshirt that read "TXT ME". It's a funny pick for my mom since she usually goes with something much more homely and floral and flannel and Laura Ashley.

-Ramona the Brave. In case I feel like reading. (She knows me so well. My reading maturity level pretty much topped out in the 4th grade.)

-Cloth bandage in case I end up with a colostomy bag. :::this is only funny in an awful way:::

-Bright nail polish. Because that's what all the hip kids on her favorite Korean soap opera wear. She even gave me the tip about painting one nail on each hand in a different color. She's funny. And cool.


Well Rounded Vegan said...

Aww! That's so sweet! Hope you're mending well!

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