It's Always Fun Discovering Photos of Yourself That You Don't Even Remember Taking.

I'm sitting at the computer right now, uploading a picture to Facebook. Boyfriend comes up and plugs in his camera to upload some recent photos.

When he plugs in the camera, there's a brief flash of the previous photo import.

I notice what looks like someone in a hospital gown.

TILTE: "What was that? It looked like someone in a hospital gown."
Boyfriend: "Yeah, that was you."
TILTE: "No, really."
Boyfriend: "I'm serious. I took those at your colonoscopy."
TILTE: "No, you didn't."
Boyfriend (laughing): "Yes, I did! I asked you if you wanted to take pictures for your blog and you said yes."
TILTE: "NO I DID NOT. I don't remember that."

Come to find out, not only did I OK the photos, apparently I was the one who originally asked (post procedure) to have my picture taken. Because, as it turns out, I'm vain and ridiculous even when I'm totally loaded.

So, I opened up the photos in question...

And there I was. Looking all kinds of crazy.

And since we all know just how vain and ridiculous I am, I won't post the real "cream of the crop" photos. The ones where you can see my corpse legs and scrunchy hospital socks and bedhead and paranormal activity staredown.

On the upside, things can only get better from here.


Coyote Rose said...

I love this. Not that you had to have a colonoscopy because that had to suck and I'm sorry you went through that.

I love that as bloggers, we will subject everything in our lives to being blog-able:

~Getting a root canal- Take pictures for my blog!
~ Fall off a wall- I'm telling this story on my blog!
~ Awful first date - Hey at least I can blog about it now!

We turn everything into a story and so we can turn almost every bad situation into something slightly positive. Props to you for making something sucky into something funny!

Logical Libby said...

That is a good picture. I mean, especially for a pre-butt scope shot...

Elle said...

Oh wow I take all kinds of crazy sh*t for the blog. And then as I flick through them I can't help but really question myself! Haha. You poor thing having a colonoscopy :( Love Elle xo

Simone Says... said...

are you drinking a beer?

(hope you're feeling okay...)

Lorraine said...

That is the face of commitment to the Internet. You should be really proud.

I do stuff "for my blog" all the time and usually that just translates to "is really embarrassing."

Bloggers rock.

Erin said...

You hot-ass bitch. This shows true dedication to your blog. I wish we were getting together at Blogher in NY this year.

Kara said...

Upon first glance it sort of looks like you're slamming a Coors Light...

Cheers to butt scopes!

The Six-Fingered Monkey said...

I don't wanna be a total douche here... but you look like you were just violated.

Still a cutie though.

I gave you an award, check it: http://www.sixfingeredmonkey.com/2012/06/it-took-award-to-make-me-realize-that-i.html


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

ROSE - Thanks! Sometimes I think that *maybe* people aren't going to think my "funny" stories aren't funny. And then I remember that embarrassing pretty much always equals funny.

LIBBY - Ha! I look like a Thai Ladyboy. (And that was definitely AFTER the butt-scope. If I looked like that all the time, I'd jump out my window right now.)

ELLE - Thanks! It was actually my second colonoscopy. I'm pretty much an old pro when it comes to embarrassing butt stories.

SIMONE - No, unfortunately it was just a plain old apple juice. The procedure center didn't have PBR.

LORRAINE - Thanks! You call it the face of determination, I call it the face of a crackhead.

ERIN - It's a bummer neither one of us will be at BlogHer this year. But secretly I'm glad you're not going without me.

KARA - You're the second person to notice the beer thing. Man, I really gotta edit out the incriminating evidence from these pix before I post.

MONKEY - Ooooh, thanks! I'll take an award any day!

Twisted Susan said...

I disagree, colonoscopies make you look pretty!

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