As Close as I'll Get to Homemade Tortillas.

Every time I go to the grocery store, I see this package of Tortilla Land Uncooked Tortillas* that practically throw themselves off the shelf at me.

I've managed to stay strong for the past year and half.

Last week, I buckled.

As far as meals, I didn't really have anything in mind for them. Aside from my favorite childhood snack- tortilla wrapped around a stick of butter.

. . . . . true story.

So. Tonight, Boyfriend and I decided to make tostadas.



So, heres how the tortillas went down.

Fresh out of the package, 12 uncooked flour tortillas.

The directions say to cook on each side for 30 seconds. I didn't bother to time anything, I just flipped when it started to bubble. Since the dough is not sticky, it's easy to check the underside without ruining them.

In order to prevent mine from burning, I would alternate the pan from a lit burner to a non-lit burner every few seconds.

And there you have it. Within 15 minutes, I had a dozen "homemade" flour tortillas.

Now, if you've ever had a homemade flour tortilla before you know what Mexican heaven tastes like. And I can honestly say that fresh off the pan, these taste like legit homemade tortillas. I even tried it with a little scoop of butter and OMG BUTTER BURRITO IS SO GOOD.

Boyfriend and I decided to take the "homecookingness" of it up a notch and make tostadas.

To make the tostada base, we fried two tortillas in canola oil...

...Covered the tortilla with Rosarita beans (that I may or may not have re-refried with butter because straight out of the can they look like dog food slop that not even Biscuit would eat), topped with chopped up chicken (cooked in a frying pan with olive oil, salt, pepper, and Schilling Fajitas mix), 9lbs of cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and Tapatio.

I have to admit, both of us were shocked at how flavorful and hearty this meal was. It was definitely the "homemade" touches on the tortilla, beans, and chicken that made the difference. It was a really pleasant surprise and we ate every last bite.


* At my grocery store (Vons), these are located in the refrigerated aisle, near the butter, yogurt, and cheese.


Melbourne on my mind said...

That looks freaking amazing. Now I'm sad that you can't get uncooked tortillas in Australian supermarkets...

Twisted Susan said...

Around a stick of butter, really?

Pam said...

That looks delicious and I just might have to try it myself! I especially like the 9lbs of cheese that is included in your recipe. mmm mmm.

Lorraine said...

I'm sorry. My brain is still up there at the part where you said TORTILLA AND BUTTER WERE A CHILDHOOD SNACK.



mina2 said...

Your pictures are making me drool. My version of the tortilla wrapped around a stick of butter was the tortilla butter bowl. At around 7 years of age I took a tortilla, put it in a bowl, added a hunk of butter, and put it in our 80's microwave for 15 seconds. To eat it you would rip off the sides of tortilla and dip it in the butter puddle. after eating the last bite it was necessary to wash the bottom half of my face.

Kara said...


Christopher Franko said...

well dang they look very very good tho :D

eastern north carolina

gonzibot said...

@Melbourne on my mind
Yes, you can get them in Oz! Canasta (www.canastatortillas.com) ships them worldwide. We've had them shipped to friend and family in Canada and England. Their prices are great. We've tried both brands, and prefer the Canasta brand because they freeze better. You can freeze them for months and they thaw nicely.

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