A Recap of My 32nd Birthday.

Remember that time I turned 32?

I do because I was having a totally rotten morning and all I wanted to do was complain that my birthday was RUINNNNED.

Things went downhill when southern California got its one and only day of rain the day before my birthday. Which totally ruined my plans to have an outdoor picnic at a winery because nobody likes to eat lunch sitting in a pile of mud, pigpen style.

(Boyfriend's creative talent)

So the morning of my party, I made the executive decision to change the location. I knew this *might* be a risky move because I *may* lose some guests.

I lost half of my party.

After I spent some time spitting hate on everyone, Boyfriend and I headed over to the new party destination, The Greek at the Harbor. I knew the Greek would be a great location for my birthday because 1) I used to work there waaaaaay back when I was young and cute enough to be hired as a hostess, 2) it's overlooking the harbor, 3) it was featured on Kitchen Nightmares (not because of gross kitchen stuff), and 4) The Greek is always a fun time.

Once we got there and I started throwing back mimosas and hanging out with friends, I had a GREAT time.

In fact, the time flew by and I was sad my birthday party was coming to an end...

Until I got home and took a two hour nap.

Then I remembered I'm 32 and too old for this partying business.

Here are some photos from my birthday. Enjoy!


Birthday danishes. (only $5 for 6 GIANT danishes at Costco. Go get them. they're delicious.)

Saganaki right before I devoured it.



Greek salad

Birthday cakes: lemon and chocolate mousse. (Both from Costco!)



Beautiful flowers from Boyfriend.

My Kenny Rogers clock gift.

I cried like a PMSing woman when the band sang happy birthday to me. This is probably the only time I'll ever be caught on tape crying. (Also, my bangs look like cotton candy.)

Happy Birthday...

...to me!

Birthday cards

Oh yeah, my coworkers had this stuff waiting for me when I came into the office on the Friday before my birthday... Which made life much more bearable because I love when people think I'm cool and special.

Oh yeah, and Boyfriend's family got me one of these when we went up to visit the week before.

Oh yeah, and I still have my family "birthday dinner" this weekend.

Have I mentioned I like to celebrate my birthday all month long...?



Riot Kitty said...

In my family we celebrate for a week, I like your idea even better. I need to go eat some Greek food now. Happy birthday!

Mandy_Fish said...

Love that invite! Glad you ended up having a happy day!

Deborah said...

Kenny Rogers clock! It's horrible and fantastic! I need one!

Coyote Rose said...

I hope my birthday is that awesome when I'm 32. Heck I hope its that awesome when I'm 30. I imagine i'm going to spend both of them crying into a bottle of wine.

Sara Louise said...

It rained on your birthday and mine fell on the coldest day of the year... that sounds about right. The birthday gods think it's funny to mock us, and that's why we celebrate BirthMonths and not Birthdays :)

MRanthrope said...

sucks about the clouds parting and God urinating all over your Bday plans. Glad to see you recovered nicely. That clock is pretty damn EPIC I must say. Dora swag at work is pretty rad also.

Deidre said...

I'm so sorry that the rain ruined your picnic! But it sounds like you found a fantastic alternate location :)

StephanieC said...

Looks like it was truly full of love and wonderful people.

Any day that includes a Kenny Rogers wall clock that sweet can't be anything less than inrediblamazing.

Happy Belated Birthday!!

I will likely cry on my 32nd this year, but for all the wrong reasons.

Lorraine said...


I'm sorry but I just really don't like Dora.

Otherwise, I would like an equivalent of all of the above for my 32nd, especially all the cake. :)


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