Pay It Forward. (The Real Life Thing. Not That Movie Shit.)

Today on my way home from work, I stopped at my favorite bakery. Although I was feeling a little guilty about my post-lunch Whole Foods Oreo cookie binge, I reasoned that I actually had a cupcake order to place for an upcoming party, and therefore, HAD to stop at the cupcake shop. Also, we had Pearl over for dinner tonight and I thought a mini cupcake would be a nice way to end the night.

After drooling over the display window for a couple of minutes, I ordered three mini Red Velvets. As I walked up to the counter to place the party order and pay for my cupcakes, I passed a gentleman who was next in line. I had noticed him when he and his teenage daughter walked in because the staff at Susie Cakes always announces a big HELLO to every customer upon entry. To which he replied "Live long and prosper."

Of course I was like "WTF" and looked back to check the weirdo out. He was wearing some kind of Affliction type shirt (For those of you who don't know Affliction by name, it sucks.), expensive baggy jeans, and a big diamond earring. His face looked a bit like Fred Schneider and based on my rough calculations, I guessed he was about 55. He looked like the typical, old douchebag indigenous to the area.

After ordering, it ended up that the Fred Schneider guy and I were both about to pay for our treats at the same time. As I pulled out my wallet, Fred said to my cashier "I'll take care of mine and those" while pointing to my three mini cupcakes. I thought I was hearing things and said "Whaaaaat?" And he was like "Yeah, I'll get those." And I was like "Wow, really? That's so nice, thank you." And he was like "I try to do something nice every day." And I was still stunned and was like "Wow, thank you!"

Even though it was only like $3 worth, it was still a really kind thing to do. Especially because he didn't know me. It's not like I was out with my mom or my friend or my coworker and they offered to spot me. We were total strangers and he offered to do something nice for me.

And it totally made my day.

Then I felt bad for making fun of his outfit in my head and pretend calling him a weirdo. I guess it's true what they say about judging a book by its cover. Don't do it. Because one day that book just might buy you some mini cupcakes.

Tomorrow I'm going to do something nice for someone else.


Chunky Mama said...

Yay, great story!
Let us know what you do tomorrow! :)

Shockgrubz said...

I'll take precaution in prejudging people in affliction shirts from now on. I hope what you do tomorrow makes a good post.

MRanthrope said...

that's really nice of Mr. Douche/fashion victim to do that for you. makes me want to think twice about wishing all those Ed Hardy types a slow and agonizing end...almost. ha.

the Tsaritsa said...

People can be really inspiring sometimes! I like that when he walked in your first thought was "douche" and when you walked out you're thinking "that was really nice." I like it when people surprise me for the better :)

Erin said...

I love these kinds of stories. I have a friend who was going through the Taco Bell drive-through and when she got to the window to pay, they told her the person in the car ahead of hers had paid for her meal. I always thought this would be a nice thing to do for a stranger -- it would definitely brighten their day a little. But I've never done it.

Wombat Central said...

Love it! :)

Sara Louise said...

That's nice.
And I'm off to google Affliction shirt, because I need to know.

Sara Louise said...

Um yeah, I got the look now.

Simone Says... said...

i love it when we're taught lessons in humility. great story. now i want a cupcake!

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