Pre-Partying: Thanksgiving Edition

Meet my coworkers.

Today we celebrated our office "Thanksgiving". The boss said he was thankful for having all of us rad people to work with. (Damn, he stole my line.) It was a success and everyone pigged out.

I even tried Tofurky for the first time. It was kind of like thinly sliced bologna. Not turkeyish at all. Meateaters will not be fooled by it. With that said, it wasn't so bad. I was actually pleasantly surprised.

There was even some of this.

And this.

But surprisingly, no one had any.

It's because we didn't want to ruin our focus. We're dedicated employees, you see.


I'll be going to Boyfriend's family's house for the real Thanksgiving day. And then...


We'll be hosting our first official "hosted" "holiday" "event" on the following Saturday.

Crazy, right?

Shut up. Yes it is crazy. You've seen the way I cook. Plus, three days of holiday food in one week is a lot, even by my standards.

Are there any helpful cooking hints I should be aware of before I start on this downward, drunken turkey-hating spiral...?


Simone Says... said...

thanksgiving isn't thanksgiving without stuffing and mashed potatoes. also, i wish i worked in a healthy environment. most people are drunk by 2pm where i work. on any given day.

MRanthrope said...

damn, I envy your pre-Thanksgiving bash on so many levels.

Happy Turkey Day.

The Sweetest said...

i am always hungover the day after thanksgiving. And tomorrow i will have extra sore feet form being in the kitchen so long- the friends who kindly invite us over every year don't "do" dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, or an dessert that closely resembles a Thanksgiving pie, so I am making it all. But at least it'll be good. Mmm... tuuuurkey...

Sara Louise said...

The only thing good about Tofurky is it's name... tofurky... tofurky... tofurky!
Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

Serial Monogamist said...

Um, do I spy bacon-maple cupcakes????

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

SIMONE - Although there was no stuffing/ mashed potatoes at the office party, I definitely made up for it at the TWO OTHER holiday parties we went to.

MRANTHROPE - Our office potluck was a great turnout! You should schedule something like this for your office "holiday" party. (I say "holiday" instead of "Christmas" you see because people are so damn touchy these days.)

SWEETEST - YES! My feet were killing me after the Thanksgiving that we hosted at our place.

SARAH - You said it, not me! ;)

MONOGAMIST - YES!! You DO spy bacon-maple cupcakes! My coworker's boyfriend made them (he's always making treats for the office) and they were delicious! I'd never tried them before and I was definitely impressed.

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