Extraordinary Desserts.

If you're anywhere in the greater San Diego area, and you have a sweet tooth, it is worth your while to find Extraordinary Desserts.

Earlier this month, I was in San Diego and my friend Michael (who knows I like to eat) took me to this place. He has a friend who works there, so he has an "in" when it comes to fancy feasts.

Since we were just stopping in for a mid-morning snack, we decided to share a pot of tea and a dessert. Michael advised we get the Birthday Cake tea ("Reminiscent of a warm out-of-the-oven cookie with strong caramel and vanilla notes. Delicious with milk."). We ordered it as a milk-tea served over ice and added simple syrup for sweetening. Now, before we ordered I was skeptical of Michael's advise because 1) he usually makes bad decisions, and 2) I don't like vanilla, cake-like flavors. But! I loved it! It was light, but creamy, sweet and a little floral and it was perfect for my mid-morning snack.

There were PLENTY of gorgeous looking desserts to choose from, all sitting behind the protective glass so I couldn't maul them. Seriously, if you like beautiful, decadent desserts, this is your place.

We ended up going with the Lemon-Blueberry Streudel. Unfortunately, it's not listed on their online menu, so I can't tell you exactly what's in it. But I can tell you it's MOTHERFUCKINGDELICIOUS and I may or may not have eaten a greater portion than just my half.
Worth noting: This crazy-good dessert was only $8.50 and enough for two people to share.

The streudel is served up with a drizzled design of fruit syrup on one side and a fluffy dollop of freshly whipped cream on the other. They also decorate each dessert before it's brought out to the table, adding flowers, designs, and even edible gold leaf.

Extraordinary Desserts also has a breakfast and appetizer menu, but I didn't try either since I was busy inhaling my dessert. But if it's anything like the quality of the strudel I had, this place is a MUST for anyone in the San Diego area.

Extraordinary Desserts has two San Diego locations: (Little Italy) 1430 Union Street, and (Balboa Park) 2929 Fifth Avenue.


MRanthrope said...

I was in San Diego two weeks ago. Bummer =/

Megs said...

I think the sweets might be too pretty to eat, but the tea sounds delicious.

Trude said...

Oh wow that looks yummy! Makes me want to go back for Solvang, those were the best baked goods I've had in a long time. :)

Wombat Central said...

I am a tea lover and had NO idea such fancy tea drinks existed. I feel very country mouse right about now. Do you think the Queen of England is privy to all these tea variations?

Simone Says... said...

what dessert isn't extraordinary?

Alicia xoxxo said...

You had me at dessert!! Holy shiz! Those look good! And blueberry-lemon streudel?? Calling. My. Name. Love lemon flavored desserts!!! If/when I am in San Diego (which may be sooner than later) I am making hubs take me here!

The Empress said...

desserts. Yes.

Tea? JUST can't get into it.

But, I love flavored coffees, and flavored creamers>

Is that OK?

Deidre said...

YUM That looks absolutely AMAZING - and that tea looks STUPENDOUS. No seriously. That totally warranted all caps.

Queen Scarlett said...

It is also open late, late on weekends. They have the best hot chocolates to pick from, refreshing kiwi lemonades...and the paninis... bursts of savory goodness.

My family loves this place. Good recommendation.

aki! said...

GUH. My friends have been there before too. It looks amazing. I love it when cakes that look luscious are just sweet, simple and light.

aki! said...

PS. I forgot to tell you. I tagged you for a blog award. Check it out.

Lori Dyan said...

I'm eating a rice cake with almond butter as I read this. Feck.

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