El Compadre Restaurant.

Friday night, Boyfriend and I met up with my friend Danielle at one of her favorite Mexican hotspots: El Compadre. It didn't take much convincing on her part- I was sold at "mexican food" and then we sealed the deal at "flaming margarita".

Location: From the 101, exit Highland, go west on Sunset. El Compadre is located directly across from the giant Guitar Center store (which is why we accidentally drove right past it as we were busy staring at the giant Guitar Center store). Street parking. We lucked out and found a broken meter just around the corner on Sierra Bonita.

Decor: Lights are loooow and it will feel like you're walking into a cave. Give your eyeballs a good five minutes to adjust. The front door spits you right into the middle of the restaurant, so be prepared for all eyes to be on you when you make your grand entrance. According to Google images, celebs like Kendra Wilkinson, Amy Adams, and Blink-182 have all been photographed here. Unfortunately, the only people of interest I saw were the mariachis, and of course our waiter when he delivered my meal. The decor is lots of dark wood, big wrought iron chandeliers, and tiled faux roofs over the booth seating areas. It feels a little like you're on a Mexican pirate ship.

I pulled this picture from the internets. It's really not this bright in there.

Cocktails: We all started out the night with their signature drink, The Flaming Margarita ($9). The drinks are served up with a floating piece of orange peel that has some kind of flammable liquid in it, which they light on fire. There were several fruity flavors to choose from- I went with the mango. It was the shit and I would recommend it to anyone who likes mango. A word to the wise: Don't mess with the orange peel until that shit burns out. Danielle said she one made the mistake of tipping over her orange peel one time, which resulted in her drink tasting like lighter fluid.

I know. These pictures are shit. But it was verrrry dark in there and this is what you get when you combine candlelight and an iPhone.

Food: Since it was Good Friday, my menu options were limited (for all the non Catholics out there- no meat on the Fridays leading up to Easter). Since I was starving and nearly ate my own arm off on the drive to the restaurant, I went with a standard safe pick: Cheese Enchiladas. I don't remember what the price was because I was already a flaming margarita and a Negra Modelo deep, but I'm sure it was pretty inexpensive.

This picture does not do it justice. Trust me, it was really tasty.

The enchilada plate came with two CHEESY enchiladas, a generous serving of rice and beans, and a side of shredded lettuce (the way a true Mexican would eat it). I ended up ordering a small side of guacamole and sour cream (I think $.50/.75 each) because I like to maximize my fat intake at all times. I was very happy with my meal because it was delicious, not very spicy, and despite the tons of cheese, it never got rubbery or overwhelming. In fact, it was so good, I ended up eating every last scrap on my plate. Not an exagerration. Based on food, this place gets 4 out of 5 chins.

I was so happy with my food (and the complimentary chips and salsa) that I would definitely go back. And I would also recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun and relaxed atmosphere that doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Boyfriend and made it out on $37 and that included two meals and five drinks. Not bad for a Friday night in Hollywood.


Bonnie said...

Low lighting = No makeup -- And that's alright. If you eat the spicy foods (like Mr. A), you end up sweating all of your makeup off, anyway.
Not that Mr. A wears makeup.
That was just a bad example.


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Alicia xoxxo said...

Love me some mexican food!!! Sounds yummy!!! Now I am hungry!!

Robin said...

Wow 2 meals and five drinks that is unheard of...for 37 $...it looked delicious...what a treat..!you have a great way of talking up the food...you have a flair for it..!

theTsaritsa said...

The cheese enchiladas look delicious!! I usually order a vegetarian burrito when I get Mexican anyway, for me it's all about the beans and the guac. The drink looks yummy, but it's kinda gross that they put lighter fluid on the peel. Weird.

Sara Louise said...

Oh be still my beating heart! I'm drooling at those enchiladas and beans... can't wait to get back to Texas this summer and eat my way through two weeks of Tex-Mex madness!!

MRanthrope said...

My buddy works at that Guitar Center on Sunset. I might have to check this restaurant out next time I'm over there.

Caleb said...

Flaming margaritas and delicious Mexican food. On a pirate ship.

And I'm at work.

I hate you.

Well, temporary-hate. You know how that goes.

Chrystal said...

Definitely want to go to the Mexican pirate ship!

Simone Says... said...

that's no plate. that's a trough! was your ass flaming the next day?

Cake Betch said...

It's not very nice to talk about amazing food when I am practically on the other side of the states.

The Onion said...

Perfect. Now I am starving...


Junket said...

You better stop coming to Hollywood and not telling me! Next time let's meet up! MISS YOU!!!

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