Everything's Better With Bacon. Especially Bacon.

Last night Boyfriend and I decided to make a full-on, sit-down, pig-out meal. The recipe below kind of formed out two other recipes I chopped up and combined: See Chunky Monkey and Rachel Ray if you want the originals. I can't guarantee everyone will like it (Vegetarians, I'm talking to you), but if you like cheese and meat, you'll probably eat the shit out of this.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken


-Chicken breasts (2)

-Swiss cheese

-Ricotta cheese

-Italian seasoning


Directions: Fillet chicken breast.

Use a meat tenderizer to smash your chicken to a flat pulp. Tip: If you don't have a meat tenderizer (like me), put your chicken in a plastic bag and use a a rolling pin to beat it up.

In a bowl, combine ricotta cheese and Italian seasoning. I didn't measure anything, but I'm guessing it was about 1 tspn of seasoning to 3 heaping tbsp of ricotta. Place a thin slice of swiss cheese, along with half of the ricotta mixture along one side of the chicken.

Roll up chicken, starting with cheese side first. Wrap uncooked bacon around the outside. Use toothpicks to keep bacon in place, if needed.

Cook for roughly 20 minutes at 400 degrees. Or until juices run clear. Or until you're starving and can't wait any longer.

This feast for the eyes and palate was followed up by a dessert I found in my new favorite magazine, Anyone Can Cook.

Lemon Cream Cheese Phyllo Cups


-Frozen phyllo sheets

-Spray oil

-1 stick melted butter

-1/3 cup Sugar

-8 oz package Cream cheese

-3 tbsp Lemon curd

-Sugar for sprinkling

Directions: Separate one sheet of phyllo dough, brushing with melted butter, and sprinkle with sugar.

Repeat with three more sheets, stacking each on top of the previous sheet, until you have 4 sheets buttered, sugared, and stacked. Cut stack into even squares. (I cut mine into 4 even squares, but they came out too big for the cups. Sue me.) Stuff each square into the cup of a muffin tin that's been sprayed with oil.

Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes or until crisp.

While the cups are in the oven, combine cream cheese, sugar, and lemon curd.

Once cups have cooled, fill with cream cheese mixture. I didnt want to crush my precious phyllo cups and make a mess with the filling and then cry all over the place, so I created a piping bag out of a Ziplock baggie to avoid any spillage.

Decorate with berries or mint leaves or lemon zest or whatever's laying around the house.

Try these recipes the next time someone fancy comes over. They're sure to be dazzled.



Tanya said...

I will absolutely try the cheesy bacon chicken, or what will soon be known as Fartstock 2011.

Nikosmommy said...

This IS some mighty fancy eats...the stuffed chicken looks delish and the phyllo cups with lemon look like something from a swank restaurant!
Well done!

erin said...

This is the part where I kill all fun in the comment box by mentioning that I am a vegetarian.

All fun is now officially killed.

Good night.

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

Thanks for the linkage, lover.

Also, this reminds me of a recipe I am going to try soon and think you would like, too:


Oh yeah, and this:


MRanthrope said...

you're right....everything, EVERYTHING is better with bacon!

Megs said...

Also a vegetarian. But I do eat eggs and cheese, so I think I can justify the phyllo cups which sound delicious.

Wombat Central said...

Holy lactose nightmare does that dessert look good! (and fancy)

Bonnie said...

I want it.
It would probably make me explode from all the fat grams and calories, but I think it would be worth it.
Plus, the explosion would be pretty cool.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Hannah @ The New Black said...

I've never worked with phyllo, but this is the second yummy recipe I've come across lately that uses it. I may have to buck up and get with it!

Simone Says... said...

as a vegetarian (sometimes vegan) - wow. in a good way.

Caleb said...

Holy. Baconporn.


Did you see my quote of the day? From my friend, the infamous Johann (via text)

"Suspicion confirmed: women and wild wolfdogs are both attracted to the smell of bacon."

It's accompanied by a picture of his dogs running in some field in Nebraska.

I know, right?


hed said...

Okay that chicken kind of looks like sex.

And I'm hoping that the lemon filling can be substituted for another fruit? Not really a lemon fan-other than that, they look fantastic!

hed hed above water

Brooke Farmer said...

So happy I stumbled on this. I need new recipes so my Aussie boyfriend doesn't get too bored with my limited scope in the kitchen. This chicken IS going to be dinner.

Deidre said...

The phyllo dough cups look divine. I am so sad, I haven't found a good gluten free alternative to phyllo. I am not sure there is one!

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