I'm Alllllll Over This

WTF is this, right? I saw it in an office the other day and the woman who was using said "Oh- did you see me bouncing around on my chair??"


No, I hadn't. But I was instantly intrigued.

She went on to explain that she's a trained dancer and is trying a bunch of techniques to get back in shape. This chair is supposed to help your "core".

Well, if anyone knows me, they know how serious I am about training my core.

I WANT this chair.


Mrs. C said...

I'd look twice if one of my coworkers had this! Wonder if it really works?

erin said...

I've had 15 of those giant balls. My kids find them no matter where I choose to hide them and ruin them. Pop.

So the office would be the perfect place for a giant exercise ball. Except that my office is my front room 'studio'. ha.

Jessica said...

Wow! I'm all about anything that can make me skinny by sitting on my lazy ass. That ball chair= AWESOME!

Chrystal said...

I have always wanted to do this - but I never knew there was a special chair to go with the exercise ball! I'm thinking I need this too!

drollgirl said...

whoa! wow. well, i guess if it works it is a good thing! but it reminds me of a hippity hop!

Anonymous said...

OK, kinda weird, but I get it. I have one of these in our living room and TV room that I use ALL the time...and hardly ever for exercise. I sit on them when watching TV, kick my feet up on them when I'm on the couch, but mostly I drape my body over them to stretch out while I watch TV. I messed up my back years ago and these big ol' balls are the best thing for my back. When we travel, I miss my balls back home. OK, that sounds weird!

Deborah said...

I actually used a ball as a chair many years ago when I was married to my wasband.

It helped me have great posture, but leaning back ala Mad Men got a little painful.

LaceyRee said...

I WANT ONE!!! They use these in special ed classrooms as well because it helps students with ADHD and similar issues focus in class. AWESOME!

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