Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market does not get enough cred these days. Let me rephrase that. I'm sure it does from people who are used to eating healthy, and avoiding pestacides, and yadda yadda yadda, but I mean, from me, it does NOT get enough cred. So I made a trip this past weekend to my local FM. And let me tell you friends... Those farmers got me: Hook. Line. Sinker.

"Who was the vendor that turned you into a FM lover, TILTE???"

The vendor that sold this:

And this:

That's right. The butter and cheese dealer. She had a wide array of cheeses to choose from AND samples of them all. I originally asked for a sample of "This one..." :::pointing to a block of "unknown cheese"::: to which she informed me "That's butter." I played dumb, but we all know I would have really taken that sample if she'd had it on hand. I ended up purchasing a cuckoo looking mess of Mozzarella cheese (the one on the lower left in the butter picture), and because it was an end piece and the plastic wrap made it look like wall puddy, I got it for a bargain price. Great deal.

The next thing I spotted that sealed the deal on my love for the FM did not fall into any of my food group categories (Dairy, Carbs, Pie). It actually wasn't an edible item at all. It was this duo of violin-playing child hipster prodigies.

They rendered me immobile from the minute I laid my dreamy bedroom eyes on them. Not only do I want my future imaginary offspring to be this incredibly rad, I want to be this incredibly rad. These two played song after song, looking cool and hip and not at all stressed over busting strings (or nearby wine glasses) like I imagine I would.

From here, I moved over to the usual FM items, like fruits and veg.

I don't even know if this is a good price on green beans because we all know I never buy anything healthy. But they looked good to me.

"Rabbit carrots".

A GIANT peach I bought. I had fingers-crossed that its size/ weight was based on the delicious, peachy juicyness inside. In reality, that wasn't the case. But it was still good. Especially when served with fresh mozzarella and Ritz crackers. :::healthy, organic, pesticide-free drool:::

Straight from the home of The Strawberry Festival.

Lastly, every FM needs to have beautiful plants. This one in particular was roughly three feet tall, had several large flowers fully bloomed, and was only $10. Srsly, folks. This same plant would probably be closer to like $1,000 at your local Home Depot or Lowe's. (I've cruised the landscape aisles before. I know what plants go for these days.) This plant was a total bargain. Too bad I don't have a place of my own, much less a welcoming garden, to put it in. :::One day, giant dahlias:::

There was one vendor stall that I had to pass on ONLY because I'd ran out of moola. The fresh baked goods vendor. Ughhhh... I know, I'm almost embarassed to admit that I passed that gem up, but I have full intentions to hit that bitch up next time. From what I let my eyes catch a glimpse of, it looked like they were selling pies, cookies, baguettes, muffins, and sweet breads (and I literally mean SWEET BREADS, not that nasty booshet they CALL "Sweet Breads").

I'll keep you posted on my next visit. For now- SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMER. (I think that's what I'm supposed to say. I'm so organic now.)


Anonymous said...

we were there right after you. nate was loving the hipster violin duo. i can't believe you didn't get kettle corn. i get it for nate (nudge nudge) and then carefully sift through the bag and eat the pieces that are encased in sugar. also, the organic apple stand had the best pears ever. see you next week. we should invest in an organic cotton candy machine and roll in the money.

'Cross the Pond said...

Your handle: You're lucky I don't Have a Gun had me laughing so I had to come have a look. Glad I stopped by - great blog! I'll be back.

Deborah said...

Farmers Market!

My favorite thing to do is go. Buy lots of nummy stuff. Let nummy stuff rot in fridge.

Sometimes the nummy stuff makes it in me. Roasted brussel sprouts anyone?

Kim said...

I. Love. Cheese.

And now I'm having a steep cheese craving. I'm okay with it.

Chrystal said...

In the summer it was almost every weekend we meant to go to the farmers market - yep never made it. Does it make me hip and organic that I think about it all the time?

Megs said...

I love the farmers market cheese. We used to do this basket a month thing where the FM in town sent us a basket with milk, cheese, veggies, some form of meat, and some fruit. (We stopped with the basket because the meat was often things like goat...which may be delicious, but I have no idea how to cook it, and I'm a vegetarian anyway).

Best grapes I ever ate in my life. And the cheese. I will never eat grocery store cheese again.

allison said...

congratulations on making the crossover! you will be picketing outside KFC in a bloody headless chicken costume in no time!

Nikosmommy said...

You ARE so organic,,,now.
I love our local FM,,,it's fabulous this time of year, however ours IS tres expensive. You pay a premium for getting things pesticide free I suppose. It turns into a bit of a money pit for me,,and I end up with giant bags of green beans, blueberries, pot pies and overpriced designer cupcakes (cuz that's soooo farmer's market-ish, right?!)

Anonymous said...

Love love love me some farmers market, and now I feel bad for neglecting my local FM this summer...

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