Opinions... I Need Some.

Essiting news- I'm gonna be featured on a comedic community blog in a few weeks! I mean, it's not like they hand picked me or anything. It's more like you just submit an entry and they tell you when it's going to be posted. But still, I'm essited!

So I submitted my entry back on like day 2 of my blog... aka, when I wasn't very funny. I want to do a switcharoo to up my funny in time for the post and I need your help.

Which blog entry is your favorite??? (Please make sure to limit yourself to one of MY blog entries, thank you.)

In other food news...
Today I grabbed lunch at a new Jersey Mike's that just opened up three weeks ago. When it was my turn at the counter, one of the sandwich doods asked if I usually go to the Westlake store, which I did. He totally remembered me from like the total of five visits I'd had at the other location that had been over a year ago! That's some service!!! To you, sandwich dood, Thank You for making my day.

Also, thank you for not fucking up my order.


FabuLeslie said...

No messing up your order is way more impressive than remembering you from that other store. My first job was in a sandwich shop. I shudder to think how many orders I messed up as a 16-year-old!

erin said...

Ugh. I use writing samples from my past blog posts for my resume. It took me three days to finally pick which posts I would/should include.

I asked everyone I know for advice and became convinced that no one actually reads my blog. Ever.


I will have to go back and read your posts and get back to you. In approx. three days.

Siri said...

I am glad you found my blog because now I have found yours.

Danielle said...

whatever you do, don't include anything from the "i made this" category. they'll just feel sorry for you.

Sara Louise said...

I like the Your Going Places post; creative and funny answers.

There's a little something for you on my blog... come on by Le Petit Village and pick it up <3

Deborah said...

You are hilarious in most of your posts. You have a way with phrasing that KILLS me.

But one post that is cute and sassy is the down in the dumps thrifting post. Loved that one.

Are you going to post at Laugh Out Loud by any chance? That place is way fun!

jackie fo said...

Thx for following my blog! I am a huge Jersey Mikes fan, btw.

sheila said...

Hey, that is great service! And lol on the not fucking up the order, HA!

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