Time for a Weekend Recap!

Saturday night I had plans to meet up with Kim and Melody, for a totally caj dinner at Dargan's.

Kim and I split the fish and ships because they are The.Bomb and they come in huge portions. If you're in the Santa Barbara/ Ventura area, I strongly suggest ordering them here. The deep-fryness is superb and not heavy or greasy. It's seriously my faaav thing to order here, although I did try a bite of Mel's corned beef and cabbage and have since added it to my To-Do list.

(The pic is kind of dark because the lighting in there is on the dim side. -Which, coincidentally, is usually the best lighting for my face.)

Highlight from Dargans:

(Melody pretending to pose for a pic when I'm really trying to get a shot of that awful dress.)

After dinner, we walked through downtown.

(Waive ya hands in the ai'a, if you's a B-of-A playa)

(Melody and I are models on our spare time.)

The night was young and we felt like cutting le rug, so we ended up at Candlelight. (Ok, after looking at that site I feel a little embarrassed to say I went there...) Melody spotted a friend who was there with a private party, so they totally got us in FOR FREE. (Yeah right, she probably follows my blog and got us in because I'm a total celeb.)

So the last time I was at Candlelight, I didn't get a true representation of the place because we went for dinner, we were outside, and the inside was booked for a wedding. This time I got to see what it was all about. They had like 3-4 different DJs (none of whom were spinning 80's or Indie, so it loses a point for that) and the place was PACKED. Kim and I wormed our way next to this one DJ who looked like a sweatband-wearing, whiteboy version of one of the Gotti kids. He was playing a remix of Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and Kim and I proceeded to go apeshit because that is the best song ever- FACT. At that point I could see our tween DJ giving himself a mental high-five.

This is on my short list of songs titled "Songs That Should Play Everytime I Enter a Room", along with Benny Benassi's Satisfaction.)

One White Russian, a Strongbow, an Apple Martini and a Vodka Cranberry later, we ended the night at Jimmy's Slice for dinner #2. Now, for those of you in the Ventura area who have already discovered this gem, WHY HAVE YOU NOT TOLD ME ABOUT IT SOONER??? It may possibly be the residual alcohol talking, but this was the BEST slice of pizza I've ever had. I.AM.NOT.LYING.FRIENDS. I've been thinking about it's dusty, pillowy crust nonstop since Saturday night and I'm already wondering when I can get my mits on another slice.

The whole night ended up costing me a whopping $24. You are impressed, I know this.

Sunday, Danielle and I had plans to save the world one cookie at a time, by attending No Cookie Left Behind. But, because funds were low, we were starving, and the last sale mostly consisted of Vegan baked goods (only the Earl Grey cookies were worth my donation), we decided to go porkout on some hot dogs at The Greasy Wiener truck instead.

Danielle went whole hog with her wiener, topping it with bacon, mustard, relish, sauerkraut, onions, diamonds and pearls. Since this was my first time, and because I'm on a diet, I played it safe with bacon and cheese.

Ok, so here's my eval of The Greasy Wiener. At first, it was DEELISHUS. I devoured the first 1/4 of it. But once my blood sugars started going back to non-hangover status I realized it wasn't really that great. The bun was good quality, nice and soft. The fries were really, really good- they top them with salt and pepper. But the wienies themselves were the kind that have kind of a hard, chewy casing. I.Don't.Like.Those. That truck would have gotten big thumbs up from me if they were serving Hebrew Nationals. Anything else just won't do. Also, the cheese sauce was starting to cool and dry over and it was kinda grossing me out.

I feel bad saying such unpleasant words about my Greasy Wiener experience because the owner is actually a REALLY nice guy who even came out to talk to us. (Greasy Wiener guy, if you're reading this- switch to Hebrew Nationals and I will re-evaluate!!!)

After the wienerfest, we headed across town to Lark for cupcakes. Somewhere along the way, we saw young Sean Penn circa 1982 riding his skateboard along side our car and our conversation went a little like this:

Danielle: I like his style.

TILTE: Yeah, he's hot.

Danielle: Oh, he has a "No on Prop 8" tattoo on his face. He's not our type.

TILTE: Wait. I thought No on Prop 8 is what we wanted... I'm confused.

Danielle: No, I mean I think he's not our type... He's not what you want.

TILTE: I want him to give me a massage........ I don't know what you've been talking about.

On the way there, I snapped these babies:

Want to speak American??? Call this guy!

Welcome to the land of milk and crazy.

Finally, we made it to Lark. Danielle and I each ordered one of the Berry Shortcakes, and I got a plain vanilla for Keith (which is STILL sitting in the fridge...) If you're in the LA area, it's definitely worth your while to stop by- only $2.50 for the lightest, fluffiest cupcake you will ever meet.

Also, I love their little seating area because it has the furniture of my dreamz.

(Turquoise velvet sofa, mustard yellow footstool...) :::drool::: You can't really tell from the photo, but the wall decor is actually flattened out cupcake liners and tiny paper doilies that have a big, round, orange pushpin in the middle of each one. It's sooo cute. (One day, cute decor... one day...)


Island Gal said...

Looks like a very fun weekend!!

Coyote Rose said...

That dress is atrocious.

That is all

Wombat Central said...

Lose your accent? Hilarious.

BTW, I'm glad I'm not the only person who pretends to take a pic of a friend in order to capture something even more entertaining.

RN Mama said...

I have that same dress. I wear it to funerals.

Ok, where were you 2 years ago when I was in L.A. and I didn't know any of the fabulous places to go? I'm holding this against you, for sure...unless you send me one of those cupcakes.

P.S. I was totally jokers about the dress.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

RN- did you live out here or just visit?

also, i lolled at your PS.

Anonymous said...

That food looks sinful. All of it. I want it. All. And the Speak American thing is priceless.

Deborah said...

You might have to fight me for that sofa.

I'm glad you hated that wiener cuz it looked icky!

You guys are so cute!

Kim said...

I don't know what he means, LEARN to speak American. You can speak something else?*

*note: joking. Just in case people don't know that 99.9% of my life is sarcasm.

I want to live there! It looks so fun.

Sara said...

Oh, there are so many things I love about this post! What a fun weekend! And all the food looks SO good!

Sara Louise said...

Benny Benassi's Satisfaction...NICE!

And now I want a hot dog, real bad

erin said...

I was previously not hungry and/or antsy about being stuck in the house all day.

Now I am all of the above. Thanks a lot.

sheila said...

I have a taste for chicken now. thanks. lol.
OMG, that dress was really stupid looking! Great use of a decoy to get a shot! lol

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

debs- isn't that sofa dreeeeamy? paws off, it's mine. you can have the decrepit wienie.

kim- NOT knowing how to speak American??? i know. i'm with you on this.

sara- thanks for visiting! this is pretty much my life: junk food and acting like i'm still young and cool.


erin- make some rice krispy treats and get wasted. nevermind that you have kids. it's funner this way.

sheila- nowhere in this post did i mention chicken. unless you count that dress because it gave her backfat "chicken on a grill" syndrome.

allison said...

Melody is quite the expert at fake-posing for photos. It's actually more difficult than you would think. Mad props.

This post definitely makes me want to party with you guys.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

allison- if you ever come out this way, let me know, we'll do a fancy LA lunch. and by fancy LA lunch, i mean hot dogs and beer.

drollgirl said...

DANG! you coulda made 10 posts out of all this material!

but straight up those fish and chips look DELICIOUS! and i LOVE dark lighting! who doesn't look good in dark lighting!

and i LOVE that rod stewart song. i lose my mind when i hear it!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

droll- i hope you lost your mind when you read this post.

Ally said...

i need to know how you stay so darn skinny! what is your secret. i love your food adventures.

ps i would love to try a bite of your friend's hot dawg. it looks so interestingly good!


Anonymous said...

I suddenly have the urge to model in front of stores in downtown Houston with a white russian in one hand and a slice of Frank's pizza in the other....

....interesting, no?

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

ally- awwww, thanks! i binge/ purge a lot.

asha- do it. and when people give you dirty looks, just say "JEALOUS?!?!"

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