More Parties?!?!

I'm still recovering from the massive amounts of partying I did this weekend. Just like Paris and Kim Kardi, I'm a must-have if you want your event to be the hit of the century.

Saturday night was Grant's bday party. It was at Candelight in Ventura and he and Pris reserved a cabana because we're all high-profile celebs. I'd never been there before, even in it's former glory as Landmark 78, partly because I heard it's haunted. Also partly because no one had ever taken me there.
The history of this place goes something like this: Carlo Hahn built this beautiful house in the early 1900's. Rosa, a young, Italian immigrant who lives at the house, is forced into a loveless marriage to an older man. Rosa is unhappy and falls in love with a young Italian man. She shits herself when she finds out she's pregnant, and pulls a switcharoo by hanging herself. Word on the street is, she has been seen staring out a second story window, walking in the stairwell, and in the ladies room. (Oh shit... I was in the ladies room... that bitch better not have followed me home.)

Anyway, it was a great location for Grant's party. The outside had several cabanas and ultra-mod white pleather sofas. :::drool::: Each cabana had it's own chandelier (fancy!) and heat lamp.

The birthday boy and his laydeh.

This place has a smallish menu, but it had a pretty good representative sample to choose from. I ordered the Three Cheese Flatbread Pizza. Grant had ordered this pizza as an appetizer and based on the one slice I had, it seemed pretty good. Unfortunately, it kind of lost its appeal once it was served as a meal. Don't get me wrong, it was still good, it was just a liiiittle too garlicky and would have been better off as a smaller portion. Other than that, it was a good pizza. The thickness of the flatbread was just the right amount of crust to avoid disintegrating like a saltine when I bit into it. And the flavor on the cheeses was great combination- slightly tangy, maybe like a parmasan or something. Really, if they had gone a little easier on the garlic, it would have been perfect.

I would like to revisit this place someday. An inside source says this place tends to lean more towards le douche side on a regular Fri/ Sat night. And to those of you thinking "Ok, how douchey are we talking...?", I have one word: Afflictionwear. But just because I'm a sucker for a beautiful building with badazz decor, I may brave the wilderness.

The outside bar area. It was pretty early when we left so the cougs weren't out on patrol yet.

Sunday was back-to-back baby fiestas. Now, we all know I'm not really down with les enfants, but these ones happen to belong to lifelong friends so I guess we're cool. First was Gabe's Fantastic-Circus-Themed-One-Year-Bday.

Happy birthday, babeh boy!

Since it was mostly babies, there's not much exciting banter to report. But I will share with you some of the photo highlights.

These cupcakes were DEE.LISH.US. Too bad my sister doesn't check her cell phone when I call 500 times, telling her to bring me another. By the way, these dreamy/ creepy clown cupcake sets can be found here. (I couldn't find the exact ones on the website, so you'll have to deal with just knowing they exist in-store.)

This is what happens when I'm put in charge of facepaint. Anyone else want to look like John Wayne Gacy...?

Nate and one of the baby toys.

Hogan- er... I mean, Zorro, going to town on his beloved watermelon.

My plate. All the major food groups are covered.

So the final party of the weekend was Alys' 6th Birthday ala Sweet Sixteen style. This girl got all the necessities any young debutant could think of. This season's swimwear with matching pool smock- check. Juicy Couture bracelet to make all the other kindergartner's jealous- check. I have to admit, I thought my gift was going to be outdown when she opened up a tiny gold ring and was so in love she didn't even want to put it on out of fear of losing it. But when she opened my gift, the Heavens opened up and the angels sang and this picky little diva loved my gift. As she should. You see, when I went shopping for this mystery prize, I thought to myself "What would TILTE as a six year old like...? Alys IS pretty mature for her age... What would TILTE as a 30 year old like...?" And then I saw it. The gift to oust all other gifts.


Friends, feast your eyes on Alys as Hannah Badass Montana...

(Click the photo for true appreciation.)

So there you have it, my weekend in a blog nutshell. I'll throw in one more pic of me and Mel, otherwise known as Hannah Montana's mom.

We go way back. Shout out to high school Mat Stats!


smArtee said...

That food looks great...Love garlicky pizza...Mmmmm...and the clo does look like JWG...LMAO......those two places look so inviting...where are you located....not exactly, but the vicinity..?.Im just curious....?sounds like a fun weekend to me...lots of fun , food and party's....Woooo Hooo..!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

smArt- i'm in southern california. and i'm available for children's parties if anyone needs a facepainter. -and doesn't mind looking like the clowns in my nightmares. unfortunately, that's all i really have in the design dept.

michael- it's about damn time you got here.

michael said...

forget freddy krueger, feedjit is the new mascot of my nightmares.

My tummy is growling over the garlic pizza/ cupcakes… or its gas, but either way they look yum

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness the pizza and cupcakes look delicious. It makes me sad that I gave up my lunch hour today. Really who needs the extra money when you could be eating?

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

brandi- i'm with you. money is overrated.

unless you want to buy things and live somewhere.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Wow! I LOVE haunted house stories! That was a doozy! Anybody (or THING!) follow you home!

Also, those baby birthday pictures are ADORABLE!! Soooo sweet! Thanks so much for sharing!

sleepyjane said...

Okay so pizza is the best food ever and I haven't had breakfast. Way to make me drool. ;)

Sounds like a great weekend!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

AFNM- i'm a sucker for a good haunted house story as well. i always get lured into those lame (ADDICTING) reality shows about haunted locations.

jane: thanks for visiting! i haven't eaten yet either and even to me that garlic pizza is looking pretty good.

smArtee said...

...I forgot to tell you that you take awesome pictures..!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

thanks, smartee!!! -for all the help!

LL Cool Joe said...

All the food makes me feel very hungry, so thanks for that! :D

I'm not into babies either, but I have to admit your shots are cute. :)

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

you're welcome, LL. do me a favor- go to the nearest gregg's and get 1 sausage roll and 1 cream cake. please devour them and then brag to me about how GD delicious they both were.

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