Garage Sailing

Welcome back, new friends!!! I had a very busy weekend and have lots to report back to you. Much to my stomach's dismay, it's easy on the food, heavy on the nonsense.

On Friday, Melissa and her little roommate Nate came over. Nate is a dream toddler and total chillaxer. Despite attempts made by my two baby-eaters (Biscuit and Kosmo), Nate remained cool as a cucumber. Since my mutts can jump sky high, they are not allowed near small people and/or delicate objects and were locked outside during their visit.

Welcome to the jungle, baby. You're gonna dieeeeeee.

Everything went according to plan until I went to the bathroom and Melissa fell for the Sarah-McLachlan-starved-innocent-helpless-"We are soooo cuddly and innocent!" eyes B & K gave her. Melissa cracked the door to say hi to these two clowns and that's when they made a run for it. Unfortunately, I wasn't around when this took place, but I could hear the hoofsteps of two wild Clydesdale ponies running amok in the livingroom. Chillaxer Nate knew exactly what to do and tossed his peanut butter-cheese crackers aside to send them off his tracks. He is a genius.

On Saturday my neighborhood had a block sale. A garage sale junkfest extravaganza, if you will. I didn't have too much to sell, no big ticket items, but the stuff I did have was in good shape and I figured I might have a chance at making $20. And getting a tan on my corpse legs.

Chrystal and Sarah came over and shared in the treasure-selling. With all of our stuff combined, we actually had a pretty solid sale going on. It was by far the girliest house on the block and if I had been shopping I would have made an offer on the whole lot. All in all, I think we had a great turnout and my $60 earnings blew the lid off my wallet. Seriously, I felt like I just won the Mega Millions.

On Sunday, I went up to my mom's for my brother-in-law's birthday meal (Happy Late Birthday, Kenny. You are now internetz famous.) She made this Mexican soup that could have landed her a spot on Food Network's Friday night lineup.

As good as this soup was, it was trumped by my weak spot of all weak spots. A pie. A blackberry pie a la mode. (Did you know a la mode means in fashion? If ice cream doens't mean in fashion, I don't know what does.) Sorry, I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the [2 slices of] pie because I had inhaled it before I had a chance to reason with myself about photo opps. Just know that it was goooood. And healthy too. Berries = healthy.


RN Mama said...

Omg, your Sarah McLachlan reference almost made me pee my pants a little!

Congrats on your garage sale earnings, and that soup looks delish!

Jamie said...

My cats try to mimic those commercials whenever they want something, too. I'd like to think I'm immune to their pitiful sad eyes, but I'm not. Players.

Thanks for stopping by (and commenting!) my journal. I've gotten good at letting him listen to one or two songs on the radio before going "oohhh let's just talk instead." If I know we'll be in the car for a long time, I'll burn a disc of podcasts instead. :)

Junket said...

Oh Garbage Sale-ing is so much fun.

No. No, it's not.

Have you read my post on it?

Here you go. Pee first.


The Guy's Perspective said...

I freakin' love yard sales!!! Having them and going to them!

When my kids are grown, that's what I plan on doing every Saturday morning.

Three reasons I love them:
1. Something about haggling and getting a bargain is thrilling for me.

2. Making money is fun.

3. Exploring other people's stuff gives me an insight to whom they are. I love that the most!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

RN: thanks!!! i'm still living in my glory from this past weekend. i keep opening my wallet to sneak a peak at my little babies.

Jamie: these stupid animals think they have us wrapped around their little paws. i have news for my dogs- I call the shots around this house. if anyone is going to eat foods high in protein and fiber and spend all day getting pampered at the spa, it's going to be- ... oh. nevermind.

Guy: i LOVE yard sales too. when i was younger, my mom and i used to stake out the good ones, planning our sweep from one end of town to the other. ohhhh glorious memories of women's 1950's gloves and cheese slicers that would be just perfect for the cocktail parties i never have.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

Junket: strongbad hit the rusty nail on the head. and he also had a sexy voice. our sale shoppers included:
1. The Sadsack ("I have no money, I have no family, I am from Afganistan, I have cancer, I had a liver transplant, my apt doesn't allow garage sales, my daughter has a little boy, etc."
2. The Homewrecker (they leave their 500 kids standing in the driveway so they can tear up all my rose bushes)
3. The Too-Gooders (they FINALLY give into my price and then send their husband over to pay because they're too good to hand the money over themselves).

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Blackberry Pie In Fashion?!!! Luck-eee!!!!

michael said...

yum to the soup! i wanna have my bday dinner at your moms.... without you of course.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

michael i can make that happen for a nominal fee of $1,000. and a large pinkberry.

Anonymous said...

i have hearts in my eyes and so does nate. we made it into your famous blog. glorious glory.

Bao Vo said...

This blog needs to show more nipple...

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

mr. vo- i appreciate your input.

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