Big Exciting Changes!!!

As you may have already not noticed, I added a new widget thing on the bottom righthand side of my blog. It tells me when I have a visitor and what part of the world that visitor is from. This is the best thing ever invented and without it I would never be able to stalk myself. High five, internet gods!

So with this new addition (the widget, not the R&B music group featuring Bobby Brown) I saw that I had TWO INTERNATIONAL VISITORS!!!!! I know, it's like I've become an internet sensation. Don't worry friends, we're still total BFF's and I will still ask to borrow money everytime we go out. I just want to say Major Thanks to my current international readers (Big ups, David in CaNaDa! and Kate in AuStRaLiA!) and Major Welcomes to my new friends of the world.

I should have known something magical was going to happen today when I heard two totally radical songs by Beck this morning- THE SAME SONG TWICE WITHIN ONE HOUR. Magic. Granted, the second time was because I was listening to the Beck station on Pandora, but it was still the SAME song. I lovelovelove Beck and can easily listen to his music on loop for the rest of my life. This is my fav song at the moment. The little girl is the best part because 1) she reminds me of my little friend Mouche, and 2) she stole my moves. You can thank me later for sharing that gem with you.

For lunch today, I decided to go with a local favorite: Woodranch. For those of you not in the Southern California area, WR is a barbeque type place that serves meat and meat with a side of meat. Since they have huge portions and I have a tiny belly (lolz.), I ordered the kids Tri-tip sandwiches.

I'm not really a big meat-and-potatoes kind of person, partly because I can't handle the thought of biting into something that has the consistency of a tendon/ vein/ beak/ claw. Luckily, I've never had that problem here. This is a great deal because you get two tri-tip sliders and a large side order (I chose the Smashed Sweet Potatoes) for $7.

These sweet potatoes are seriously where the money's at. I think they're whipped up with cream cheese and brown sugar and a bunch of other golden tickets. I think next time, I might bypass the sliders and go straight for the SP.

Like any classy restaurant, they also give you garlic rolls with your order.

At first, I wasn't crazy about these rolls and I didn't really get the hype. But the more and more I tried them, the more they grew on me. They're super greaseball oily, which my chins will thank me for later, but they're also super addicting. (The box is steamed up from me staring at them on the drive back to the office.)

Since summer is quickly upon us, I decided to work my way back into normal, living-person skin color and went to a tanning bed today. I've been to this tanning place a few times before and knew about the student discount. And since I'm a weasel, I whipped out my old student ID card and proceded to get my tan on. Hopefully, I can get some color going on before Saturday because Danielle is having a graduation party and I don't want her family to think she's friends with a real life corpse.

With tanning beds on the mind, I leave you with this hilare video from Little Britain. It's not exactly safe for work, but you might get away with it if your boss is cool with you watching a man running around in a naked woman fat suit.


Deborah said...

BECK! I love Beck. Love him. Love.

This place looks like fun! I'm staying.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

hi debs! thanks for joining!!!

i can't guarantee it will always be entertaining, but i am pretty addicted to my blog so you should always have something to choose from.

LaceyRee said...

I would like to say that the stalker app is neat and creepy at the same time, and (since you now know that I am not in Southern California) I'm half expecting you to show up to my house and let me try some of those awesome looking sweet potatoes. Also, the fat suit with the swinging boobs video nearly killed me. I admit that I was not prepared for that one haha.

Ben said...

Those rolls look like pizza pockets and now I want pizza pockets.

Also...now I feel like I can't stop in without leaving a comment justifying why I'm here. THANKS FOR NOTHING CREEPO WIDGET.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

hey ben,

don't feel like you have to comment with every visit. just knowing you stoppped by gives me hearts in my eyes.

but if you DO want to leave a comment everytime, that's totally cool with me. that way, i won't have to think about all the visitors who take a look at my pix and leave unsatisfied, followed by me eating a pint of butter pecan ice cream and wondering where i went wrong in life.

michael said...

Damn I tried to sneak onto your blog all stealth through google, but your stoooopid widget caught me. it’s usually so easy to fool you but the widget? Not so much.

I lol’d/ spit up my tea at the tiny belly comment. Thanks.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

Michael: lol- that's what you get for acting foolish with my sidekick, The Super Stalker.

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