Wazzzzzzzzup! (I say this when I want to feel young and in touch with today's youth.)

It's Friday and it could not have come at a better time. I've had a lame stomach all week and have really been looking forward to a few days off. To start the weekend out right, Chrystal and I met up at a Cuban restaurant in Encino called Versailles. Warning: If you're going to try this place out, KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED because you will drive straight past this place and think I was lying to you and made it up. Friends, I would not do this to you. Chrystal and I know exactly where this place is and we still drive past it every time.

They have free parking, but it's limited. They also have valet, and if all else fails, there's plenty of metered parking all along Ventura Blvd. The inside of Versailles is brightly lit and and has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. And they get a bonus point for bringing complimentary garlic bread right when you're seated. Chrystal and I both ordered sandwiches- mine steak, hers chicken- that came on cuban bread with lettuce, tomato and a side of fries.

This is a picture of Chrystal's sandwich, but mine looked exactly the same. Yes, it looks a little like it's been steamrolled, but that's just the Cuban way, ok? Chrystal said her sandwich was good and I agree, so was mine. The only downside was that the steak is a little tough. And by a little, I mean I was getting white knuckles trying to rip the sandwich from my mouth. But don't let that discourage you, it was still good and I would still go back. Mainly for this gem...


Chrystal's guanabana shake is on the left and my mango shake is on the right. Seriously, the shakes make the trip worth it all on their own. Hm... Didn't I say the same thing about Taqueria Vallarta...? (Fruit Shake = Weak Spot.)

Worth Noting: The waiters wear Cuban style shirts like Ricky Ricardo style.

...And in Other Nonsense...

Does anyone watch Celebrity Apprentice? Does anyone else think Curtis Stone is a Curtis Stone-Cold-Fox? Because he totally is. Aside from making women all around the world fall in love with him on Celeb Apprentice, he makes women all around the world fall in love with him on TLC's The Take Home Chef. In case you've never seen it, he basically hangs out at grocery stores, approaches unsuspecting women who obviously look they've never cooked a day in their life (PICK ME, PICK ME.), and goes home with them to teach them how to cook a delicious, yet easy meal. (Run-on sentence, I'm aware.) Note to self: Start shopping at healthy/ fresh/ organic/ expensive/ fancypants grocery stores.

Oh hai.


The Guy's Perspective said...

They always say don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry. And now I realized, I can't come to your blog when I'm hungry. That sandwich, fries and shake look divine!

Time to go eat.

michael said...

Is this the place we went to after our afternoon chicken nuggets but before our late night post drinking chicken nuggets?

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

YES, that's the place. I want this shake everyday. -Pre and post eating chicken mcnuggs.

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