linner at the counter.

Keith and I took our sweet time dealing with the general public today and didn't actually leave the house until 5pm for linner. Linner is obviously late lunch/ early dinner. It was rainy and gloomy and felt like London weather and what meal better says "London" than... Burgers. Well, if you're married to Keith every weather says burgers.

We went down to The Counter in Studio City. We've been to this location once before and both Keith and I really liked it. There are lots of cool shops nearby and there's even a Baskin Robbins next door, for maximum chin supremacy.

I was less than thrilled with our waitress, but since I'm not here to namebash, I will just say that her first name started with a C and ended with a C. Take that, waitress.

I've been to The Counter around 5-6 times and I've been very happy with all of my choices. My initial exposure was to their namesake- The Counter burger- which consists of a beef patty, provolone, lettuce, tomato, fried onion strings, and sauteed mushrooms. Be forwarned: you will feel like you just ate a Mac truck and by the following morning your face will look like a pepperoni pizza- Meatlovers Style. But sometimes, you just have to accept the side effects and eat a really greasy burger. Today, I opted for lighter fare and ordered a turkey patty, swiss cheese, avocado, mixed greens, and a side of tzatziki sauce.

As you can see by the photo, I didn't really go too light on the "lighter fare" as we started out the meal with cheese fries. They could have been melted for a few more seconds, but overall, they were still a deep fried delight.
The bill came out to around $30 for two burgers (both with a $1 add-on topping), one order of cheese fries, and two sodas.
Great place to check out, especially if you're going to spend the night booze cruising. If you're planning on going to spin class, maybe take a rain check.


Elizabeth said...

this sounds good. i would just remove one of the bun halves and use a knife and fork. and i would eaten the cheese fries caveman style. :-)

Suzanne said...

This meal is called SLUPPER in our house...... I love the Counter, but always have the sweet potato, onion rings 50/50. Keep up the good work................

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

liz: the cheese fries are where it's at.

suzanne: keith and i have done the 50/50 before with regular fries and SPF. I always end up encroaching on his regular fries territory.

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