Aye Dios Mio

These last few days have been a real doozie. Yesterday Keef and I got in a fight. Today, my sister and I got in a fight. Now I'm watching Intervention because I need some lolz (this is my fav Intervention vid). This crazy broad weighs only 92 LB's and she's talking about how disgusting and fat she is. And she's traumatized because someone called her a moron. Ok, I'm being insensitive, I realize this. I apologize to any of my new friends who may have an anorexia or bulemia. I'm not actually this dumb when it comes to les disorders d'eating. But seriously, I just really want some ice cream.

What's happened to me- I've totally lost track of my foodness. Let's get down to brass tactics: My food intake has been total shit lately. Well, I mean, shittier than usual. Thankfully, Keefy made me a big, fat, greaseball of a burger with oven chips and they were just what the doctor ordered. And by doctor, I mean belly. Sometimes I call my belly Doctor.

I know what you're thinking. YES, we're having burgers again. That's what life is like being married to a burgerholic. Had this been 2 years ago, I would have screamed and cried and taken 20 Nytols, but today the Doctor has to come to accept this unhealthy way of living. But to my credability, the burgers were served on Kaiser rolls and only had Lawry's seasoning salt, so they were like totally healthy burgers. And the oven chips were just a generic store brand because Keith is boycotting Ore-Ida. He thinks they suck. In my opinion, they all taste the same. These were ok, just needed more salt. Which reminds me, did anyone else see on MSN that the FDA is thinking of regulating salt? Salt. Salt. Ok, we're talking about SALT, right...? Seriously, are there people out there who need their salt regulated??? This news is blowing.my.mind right now...

Anyway, that's it for tonight, folks. Despite the hilarious comedic roll that I'm on, it's time for bed. And if I don't get enough sleep, people will fear the wrath and I will look like death.



tammy said...

That girl didn't need an intervention ..she needed a spanking.

Erin said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I came over to return the favor.

I am boycotting Ore-Idea, too...in favor of Alexia. SOOOOOO much better for you and so many different kinds (even sweet potato fries, which are my fave).


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

where do they sell alexia? i've never seen that brand before, but it's probably because we stick with old faithful (albertsons). we're surrounded by pretty much every grocery store you can think of, so i'm pretty sure i can find it.

RN Mama said...

I saw that you were a new follower of mine, and wanted to stop by and say HI!

Omg, I love Intervention. I didn't even need to click on your link to know which episode it was! (That's pretty sad!)

The Guy's Perspective said...

That burger looks damn good! I'm starving and I could eat that for breakfast.

Salt is a big problem to people with high blood pressure. I love sea salt. The day I have to give that up will be a sad day.


michael said...

I realize this link has nothing to do with your post but butter is in the title so I was reminded of you.


lets go cochina!

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