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As if being 1/2 real Catholic and 1/2 fake Jew wasn't enough of a guilt trip, Facebook just sent me a text reminding me that I haven't posted anything recently, basically asking what I'm doing with my life. 


And by important things, I'm actually kind of leaning more towards not important things. Like watching The Bachelor. Did you watch it this season? I think I'm the only woman on the planet who's not smoking bachelor crack and hating all over his Venezuelan ass (Is that where he's from? I don't even know.). Nobody and their mom should have been surprised that JP was a party hard Bachelor4Life; he wreaked of it when he was on the previous season. Except all the dumb stay-at-home-moms drooled all over him and called the producer hotline nonstop trying to get him in the hot seat. Anyway, on the final episode when Chris Harrison kept asking the same damn question over and over again like he had Tourette's and JP was like "I'm not telling her I love her" I was like "GOOD. You stay strong, JP. If homie don't love her and homie don't want to marry her, homie don't play that." Even if the whole thing was a farce and they split up like a day after the show ended, whatever. The whole thing is a shitshow anyway.

"Hola muchachas, let's make besos."

Did you watch the HBO series, True Detective, featuring the devilishly handsome Matthew McConaughey and the devilishly ugly Woody Harrelson? Eric and I watched every episode, feverishly studying the clues and the behind-the-scenes interview to solve the mystery on our own. In the end, it totally fell flat and everything that you expected to happen, happened. (Eric disagrees with me on this and thinks the ending was fantastic.)

BABE ALERT. And then there's Woody H. too.

Speaking of Facebook, it's really been showcasing all of my acquaintances worst, most annoying habits lately, making me question why I even associate with these people. I'm probably just being hateful, but probably not actually. The philosophical posts that have a facade about being about nothing at all but are really more like giant red "I'm crazy" flags are the best/worst. Like when girls post inspirational shit about if you love a woman, you treat her right and buy her a truck and feed her dog and blah blah blah. Which is basically a one-way message obviously directed straight to their significant other who has apparently mistreated them recently. 


As for annoying things going on in my own life, that's much less interesting. Life has been good, which makes for unfunny blog post business. For now, I'll continue to eat my Fruit Loops and Cheetos for dinner and post politically-incorrect-but-funny internet things.


Deborah said...

OMG I am dying laughing here.

I've been on FB for two years (started account under duress because I became a brand ambassador for a company). When I started I LOVED it, but lately I'm am going to poke out eyes if I read ONE MORE MOTIVATIONAL love me post. regerg . . .

Cryptic updates, photos of bad behavior and the "looking great!" pile-ons. Blerg I have a couple of family members that post photo after photo of bikini shots with the gratuitous hand on the hip ala skinny arm, the big cheesy smile. "Oh you're a babe! Looking good!" blah blah blipity blah

Oh dear! I am sounding bitter and hag-like! :)

You make me laugh on the regular. Love that so much.


Chrystal said...

As always I find my head shaking in agreement while snorting laughing. I did not watch Bachelor again - I think because I have no one to talk to it about like the enet days. However, I did watch True Detective and drooled over Mr. McConaughy until they made him have that long hair. I liked the flash backs much more. I will have to side on Eric on the ending. I was prepared to hate it and be disappointed because of all the posts and articles I saw on it. I liked it & got all crazy screaming at the screen when they walked into that creeps death lair. Yes…I'm that annoying friend that talks to the movie/TV show. Jason hates it. I can't help myself…but I only do it when it gets really scary/crazy.
So onto the posts from friends on FB. When those memes, sayings, whatever you call them started blasting up my feed - I was like…hmm some of these are cool…now I can't help rolling my eyes at 99% of them. I love me some sarcastic and inappropriate stuff though. Post more of that and I will like it all day long! What I really need more of is videos like I found the other day of that dogs leg trying to steal the bone away from himself. That stuff makes my day! Also sappy stuff about old people loving each other forever.
Anyways…haven't left a comment in awhile - so I wanted to show some love!

Mandy_Fish said...

I swear to God, Woody Harrelson had a mouthful of marbles for that entire series.

I seriously cannot handle his mush-mouth.

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