What are Your Conditional Foods?

Last night at dinner, Eric and I were talking about foods that we sometimes like. The guidelines were that it must be a food that you typically eat "like this," but not "like this."

For example...

Eric's List
I like raw mushrooms, but not cooked ones.
I like raw onions, but not cooked ones.
I like guacamole, but not avocado by itself.
I like tomato with other things (like on a hamburger), but not by itself.

My List
I like salmon, but I don't eat sushi or lox
I like hot FRESH french fries, but won't eat cold or reheated ones.
I like freshly cooked meat, but refuse to eat it if it's been reheated.
I like peanut butter when it's in an Uncrustable, but not in any other form.

Do you have any conditional foods? What are they?


Coyote Rose said...

I have these:

I like cooked broccoli, but not raw ones.
I hate coconut, unless its on a Samoa cookie.
I like blue cheese on sweet potato fries, but won't eat it on anything else.
I like hot shrimp, but won't eat it cold.

G. B. Miller said...

I love regular lasagna but will only eat it cold.

I love most types of pickles, but will not eat cucumbers.

I will eat almost any vegetable cold (i.e. in a salad) but the only hot one I will eat is corn.

Mel said...

I love carrot, but ONLY if it is raw and grated.

tara said...

Oooh fun!

I love broccoli and cauliflower, but only when cooked.
I like cooked mushroom but not raw.
I hate coconut unless it's milk and in something (like curry).

Also, cold french fries are gross.

Wombat Central said...

I like bananas, but hate anything banana flavored. Like Lifesavers. Or banana cream pie. *shudder*

I like avocado in California rolls, but not really any other way.

I LOVE raw cauliflower but don't really like it cooked.

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I have now!

Deborah said...

I only enjoy the first cup of coffee in the morning. Anything added or even another pot made fresh later in the morning or day is just not right.

Sad really because I love coffee so much!

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