Highlights from Christmas 2013

I hope you all had a bitchin holiday and were able to enjoy some time off of work. Eric and I made the wise decision to take the whole week off and not once did we regret it (until Sunday night, that is, when I got back-to-work heartburn).

What we learned this past week: one could easily make a hobby of staying in bed till 11am, while watching The Getaway and/or Income Property and eating Christmas cookies for breakfast.

Since I'm sure our holiday was no different from yours- lots of driving and family visits and drinking alcohol in the closet- I'll save you the stories.

Here are some photo highlights from our Christmas 2013.

The Cherry Jewel Cookies (I think this may be their last year...)

My top secret Christmas Cut-Outs

At the company Christmas party, pretending to model with vintage airplanes

Company holiday luncheon

Three generations preparing the Christmas oysters

The Christmas tradition: eating an oyster before any gifts are opened 

Eric and his mom

Biscuit showing off one of her new gifts

My brother kicking my mom out

My sister found out that one of the local high schools was offering a fundraiser for the school band: private holiday performances IN YOUR OWN HOME. These guys were polite and friendly and really did a great job. Needless to say, my teenage niece was foaming at the mouth as soon as they arrived. Needless to say, so was I. (For HER, obviously.

A REAL LIFE nativity scene (these kids and goats are hard core)

Happy Holidays from everyone at the TILTE house!


MRanthrope said...

I'm mirin Eric's red and black shirt pretty hard. Looks like a lovely holiday was had by all.

Wombat Central said...

Does anyone else find the cherry cookies vaguely obscene? ;) Lookit Biscuit with the grey beard! Love the fam pics. Happy New Year!

TILTE said...

MRANTHROPE - Long time no chat! Good to hear from you. How were your holidays??

WOMBAT - Yes, I'm totally with you. I can't take any overhead shots of the Cherry Jewels unless I want it to look like a wall of boobs.

Sara said...

Happy holidays, TILTE family! Ya'll are so stinking adorable. I love the one with Pearl on your knee. I could just eat her up. And Biscuit is so much better at photos than my dogs!

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