Super Easy Halloween Treats for the Kitcheny Challenged.

Last weekend, my sister hosted a Halloween party and I was tasked with bringing a snack. Not one to be outdone when it comes to all things Halloween, I came across the two ideas below and was instantly sold because A) there's almost no effort involved, and B) everyone loves pretzels and peanut butter. Except me. I don't really like peanut butter. But when it comes to a bunch of strangers, especially the kind who are mostly under the age of 11, who cares? Not me.



Nutter Butter cookies
Wilton White chocolate Candy Melts
Mini chocolate chips

Melt your candy melts, paying VERY careful attention to the tempering instructions. One foul move and your melty heaven will turn into a smoking inferno of burnt, white chalk. Dip the Nutter Butters and top with chocolate chip eyes. I only had regular size chocolate chips and was not about to make a shopping trip for 48 dang mini chips.


Pretzel rods
Wilton Candy Melts (green)
Almond slivers

Melt your candy according to directions. Once all of the melts have a smooth runny consistency, they're ready to go. 

I transferred my melted candy into a long, narrow thermos so it would be easier to coat the sides of the pretzels. 

Dip and top with almond slivers.

Easy as heck and those pretzels are addicting.

Here are some highlights from the Halloween party:

The spread

This is Skinny Minney. 
I don't know if you can tell, but she's finally put some meat on those bones.

She loves that joke.

Pumpkin Cuties with celery stem

Grape centipedes with bloody eyes

"Ugh! I feel like I have something in my eye... Will you take a look?"

Witches Brew

Just in case you wanted some nightmare fuel, behold the decorations:

Koala-skull lamp, complete with flickering bulb

And straight from the pits of hell, these baby dolls were part of a collection of creepy toys in a blacked-out closet. Guests were invited to go into the closet with only a flashlight to protect their souls. 

Happy Halloween!


tara said...

Those Halloween treats are amazing! And look totally doable.

p.s. I loved your skinny minney joke haha

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