Breaking Bad Party.

Since Eric loves the AMC series Breaking Bad, we decided to have a party and serve a themed menu in honor of the finale episode.

Note: Any time we have anyone over who doesn't actually live in this house, we consider it a party.

Now, I'm not really into this show because I've never actually seen more than five minutes of an episode because the one part that I saw involved Tuco beating the living shit out of that one other dude in the desert and I instantly burst into tears because I felt sorry for the poor dead guy and ran out of the room, screaming "I HATE THIS SHOW!!!!!!" So, as you can tell, I was really into the final outcome.

Staying true to BB, we served the following foods:
  • Table-side guacamole
  • Fried chicken
  • Green beans
  • Mac N Cheese
Now, you die-hard fans may be seeing "Wtf, there was no mac n cheese in BB," to which I say so what, it's good.

This was the first time Eric and I had ever made fried chicken and while we were nervous, we decided to play it cool by only spending the past 48 straight hours preparing for it.

We followed this recipe from bon appetit magazine and were VERY happy with the results: flavorful, moist chicken with a mildly seasoned, deep-fried coating straight from the crunch gods. For reals, that ish was good.

Here's how it went down:

Mise en place

Step one

Step two

Step three

Step four


Green beans (coincidentally from Albertson's, but not really)

Walter White Mac N Cheese

The blue rock candy I mean CrYsTaL MeTh

Acting professional

Biscuit before she tried drugs

Biscuit after dog meth

BB Party

If you like fried chicken, I strongly suggest you try the recipe above. Although it took some time, it was pretty straight forward and definitely worth it. Regardless of which recipe you use, just make sure to cover all of your cooking surfaces with paper towels, otherwise they'll end up greasy like my chin after a long day at work.


Adam said...

I haven't seen the show yet

tara said...

This looks so fun! I only watched the season finale, but I'm definitely intrigued-although I'd probably run crying from the room, too. I love all your food serving ideas! And face masks?! Brilliant!!

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