Wedding Venue: Poinsettia Pavilion

Poinsettia Pavilion is located in beautiful Ventura, California. Despite having lived so close to it, I never had much of an interest in checking this place out. Mostly because I thought it was a "typical" wedding hall venue that probably looked like every other banquet room.

It wasn't until I saw it person that I really began to appreciate all that this venue had to offer. Which came in the form of a lobby right out of Mad Men.

And by that, I mean I'm pretty sure all of the decor is original to this 1954 building.

So if you love kitschy, vintage styles from that era, like I do, this place will be right up your alley.

Disclaimer: I didn't take the best photos. In fact, looking back, I'm wondering why the hell didn't I get a shot of the exterior of the building. Your guess is as good as mine.

Brady-Bunch-esque mod poles flank both of the front doors


The Pavilion offers two reception halls to choose from (actually, there are three, but the third one seems more like a meeting room). The Santa Paula Room accommodates up to 70 people, and the Ventura Room accommodates up to 250.

Entrance to the Ventura Room (kitchen is on the far side)

-Parquet flooring throughout
-PA system
-Wireless internet
-Piano available
-Plenty of private parking
-Event must end at midnight

All dining arrangements must be made through Scofield Catering.

Worth Noting: When I visited the pavilion earlier this year, I was told that they were in the process of updating all of the drapery. The curtains shown in these photos were going to be replaced with a more neutral colored set.

The Poinsettia Pavilion is situated on a hilltop and offers a pretty great view that even rivals the one at The Cross (minus the treacherous drive).

The Channel Islands

Rental fee includes the following:

-6 hours, including set up and clean up
-Setup of all tables and chairs
-Use of microphone

Additional fees include:
-Decorations offered by venue
-Security (required if alcohol is served)
-Security deposit

Santa Paula Room (not shown): $900
Ventura Room: $1,800

For more information, contact Carol at (805) 648-1143


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