Sangria Castaneda.

Do you like sangria?

Me too!

Next time you're at World Market, grab this stuff. It's la caca

That's how you say "the shit" in Spain.

According to the World Market website, the pricing may vary. But I'll tell you we only paid $4.99 for this beauty and it was worth every penny. Maybe even more.

If you're going to try this drink, prepare it the night before by adding a ton of sliced fruit and letting it sit in the fridge overnight. That makes it extra Spanishy.

We used peach, apple, pear, and orange.

Make sure to invite your friends over and brag about that one time you went to Spain when you were in college.

That's what I do. 



Adam said...

funny translation

tara said...

Okay, confession time: I've never tried sangria!! I need to because I'm pretty sure I'll love it.

Also, this is totally random, but I think you should invite me to your wedding-then I can guest blog about you! But mostly I just want to be invited to your wedding. Is that weird? :)

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