Polygamy USA: The Hit TV Show!

Have you seen the reality show, Polygamy USA?

It follows several individuals and families who practice a sect of Mormonism that includes "plural marriage." They all live in a small community in Arizona called Centennial Park.

It's a really interesting show and I'm hooked.

And not in the way that I was hooked on Breaking Amish because that shit was totally fake and stupid and a waste of my time.

So according to polygamy life, "love" and marriage have nothing to do with being attracted to your mate. Instead, love comes in the form of a dream. But not like the ones where you dream about someone that you know and then you feel all awkward and embarrassed the next time you run into them. Instead, it's just a name that comes to you several times while you're asleep. If you're a late bloomer and your name doesn't come to you right away, you could even pray for it.

One girl on the show has been praying for it for years.

And if the name doesn't just come to you on its own, you make an appointment with "the brethren," who apparently have "a direct line to God." And then they basically just assign you to some random dude in the community.

Which leads to a lot of creepy and awkward moments.

Anyway, I don't think I'm giving away any spoilers when I say the girls on this show are the homeliest-looking, carbon-copied sister-wife inbreeds that I've ever seen.

Surprisingly, most of the young guys looks like your typical college kids.

Case in point: Kellie and Hyrum

Kellie received Hyrum's name in a dream, blah blah blah, they got married.

This is Hyrum.

Hi, nice to meet you good-looking guy.

Hyrum on his wedding day. Nice!

This is Kellie...



Oh mah gaw. She looks like she's on The Walking Dead.

So this odd couple match-up had me wondering: are these young community members ever bummed out when they see who "God" has chosen for them? After all, they are still teenagers with raging hormones and 20/20 vision. Or are they so into their religion, that looks really mean absolutely nothing to them?



monkey momma said...

Am I a bad person for ready Hymen instead of Hyrum?

And how old is that chick? She looks like she's 14 and still in that awkward stage. Or on the Walking Dead. You totally nailed it there.

Erin Kelley said...

*tivos polygamy usa immediately*

The Six-Fingered Monkey said...

I can't. Even...

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I am so obsessed with Polygamy. Obsessed!

pika23 said...

just found this show today!!! The girls.are only homely because of being chaste...meaning no make up and stuff....love how the girls all rock the uni brow!!!! The two wives of the blonde hot guy...they are cute looking women, they flirt with each other. and it makes me think they have their own little relationship. I hope poor Rosemarie doesn't get an old crinkly man like Uncle Arthur or her father.....

wtf is with the storage shed bedrooms? Does he think the kids are illegal immigrants that he has to harbor?

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