DIY Craft Banner.

Here at the TILTE house, we like to celebrate our birthdays for as long as possible. Since my birthday is April 1st, Eric will put my birthday banner up about a week ahead of time and then I usually leave it up clear through the month. When May comes around, I switch to the birthday banner for Eric and Pearl since both of their birthdays are in May.

Last month, I made a new banner for the two of them. I'm really not very good at being artsy or creative or making things that look aesthetically pleasing, so I was pretty proud of myself when I managed to pull off the banner below. So proud, in fact, I'm going to pretend that these DIY things haven't already been spread all over the internet a million times and I'm going to give you the step-by-step like I just came up with it on my own.

For this completely one of a kind, crafty, "celebration" banner, you will need:

-Small booklet of scrapbooking papers (these sheets are the perfect size for creating banners)
-Adhesive letters
-Hole punch

Step One: Create the flags
Cut an upside-down V, from each of the bottom corners and going up towards the middle, into the bottom of one of your crafting papers. Once you have one paper that looks like a good flag, use it as a template for the rest of your flags. The crafting paper booklet that I bought had variety of prints and colors, which worked out nicely for the "homemade, rustic, shabby chic Martha Stewart" look.

Step Two: Letter Your flags
If the store's discount bin has already been picked through and some of your letters are missing, don't fret. Just buy extra letters that you can use to make the ones you need. I did this with some Rs and an I. I also used some ampersands for the As.

Borrrrrred. Play with me.

Step Three: Hole punch
Punch two holes along the top of your flags- this is where the twine will go.

Step Four: String your flags
Line up your letters and start stringing with the very last letter, working your way backwards.

Step Five: Hang it!
Step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Leave it up for seven weeks and high-five yourself every time you see it.


Sarah Purdy said...

Super cute! I want one right now!

tara said...

Haha so cute!! I love it!

And I'm totally feeling ripped off because I didn't have a birthday banner! I'll just have to make up for it by leaving it up all year.

Sara said...

Hahaha! Awesome. We still have Mac's birthday party decorations up at our house and I think it's really fun and festive. They'll probably be up until Christmas.

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