Weekend Wrap-Up.

Some weekends are filled with laziness and sweatpants and brainless marathons of Say Yes to the Dress.

This past weekend was not one of those times.

I stopped by a local shop that's known for curing all kinds of ailments through herbal supplements and alternative healing. It was my first time in the shop and my intention was to scope the place out. You know, test the hippie waters before I take the plunge.

15 minutes and a ridiculous amount of money (that shall never be talked about) later, I walked out with these guys.

The weather was great, so we took advantage of it. With bikes.

We take our bike-riding seriously.

And we went mini-golfing.

A soccer game and a community celebration at a local museum. Costume dress-up was involved.

How was your weekend?


Adam said...

I love mini-golf, but the courses around here don't look as cool as that one.

tara said...

What a fun weekend! Also, that picture of Eric and Pearl is adorable! I want to squeeze Pearl, she is so cute!

Also, I love mini golfing. I might be a little too competitive though...

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