"Ladies Who Lunch."

Back in October, I hosted a Ladies Who Lunch. It was essentially an excuse to get together with friends who are either A) unemployed, or B) have random work schedules that give them time off during the work week.

I didn't know how successful the event was going to be since most of my friends are usually busy with their spouses and kids.

Turns out, they'd easily toss those babies aside for a weekday jaunt over to a friend's house for food and drinks. Which is probably why we're such good friends.

I provided two options of finger sandwiches- tuna salad and cucumber/ cream cheese. I also threw together a mixed greens/ goat cheese/ candied walnuts salad. And no luncheon would be complete without booze. But since we're ladies, I classed it up with orange juice and served mimosas. Lastly, I used leftover CandyMelts to make souvenirs. Which I then forgot to distribute and ended up eating myself.

The event was a potluck and my friends did not let me down. They brought a meat/ cheese platter, corn/ black bean salsa, and cupcakes.

Oh my God, did I end up going to town with all that food. I think my face was buried so deep in my plate, I didn't even contribute one word to the conversations.

It ended up being a total success! Thanks to the people involved (Rachel, Rawnie, and Christina) the food, the gossip, the timing- everything went off without a hitch. I've been meaning to plan another get-together, but this whole "unemployed during Christmas time" is totally cramping my style. Hopefully, I'll host another in the near future.



Anonymous said...

Fancy! You are like the young Golden Girls. Please host another.

Simone DeBlasio said...

they'd be crazy NOT to go to your house for lunch.

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