Why Did the Duck Cross the Busy-Ass Freeway?

Yesterday was like the 5th time I've seen a duck family crossing the 101 freeway during rush hour traffic in the past few months. I don't know what it is about this stretch of land that's so inviting to a family of ducks. Every time it happens, and I see them waddling across the road, I gasp and my heart skips a beat and I want to run out and scoop the ducks up and return them to safety and be a duck-hero and have Sarah McLachlan write a song about how I'm an animal saver.

But instead I make a sad face and zoom past them.

Most of the time, traffic slows and swerves and I leave the scene saying a Hail Mary. One time though, when traffic was particularly shitty and barely crawling along, a women in the car next to me threw her car into park, jumped out, and started scooting the chicks to safety. I was happy and proud and beaming for that woman who risked getting her car pulverized for the sake of some dumb little birds.

But every time since then, I feel ashamed that I didn't get out.

And I think "Maybe that's why bad things happen to me- Because I don't save ducks!!!!!"

These little duck families are super cute too. If there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's cute, baby, fuzzy animals in danger.

What would you do??? Would you stop and shoo them across? Or would you drive away, humming The Circle of Life?

Like this. Only we weren't in Europe. And I wasn't wearing a vest.


Anonymous said...

I've never had it happen on a highway--that's a little freaky--but I have had it happen on semi-busy roads. Almost all the traffic came to a standstill until they had all safely crossed.

But seriously duck mama. Why would you lead your troop into such busy traffic? Perhaps she's stressed. Perhaps she needs a spa day. Either way, I think they're adorable and would do what I could to help...save for purchase her a spa package. However, I would be willing to duck sit.

fabulousjunk said...

Omg, I totally know how you feel. I always swerve when animals jump out in front of me, but a small little duckys with their mama, wow!!! That's just priceless and adorable! I would jump out (well where I live there are no seriously busy roads), in your situation I dont know what I would do. As I have come across many animals zipping before my car lately.


Lorraine said...

On a freeway? I'd drive on. I'd go, "OH NO!!" and drive on.

Ain't no shame in my "trying not to die on the freeway" game.


Twisted Susan said...

DON'T even consider getting out of your car to assist ducks across a busy road, crazy lady.

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